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    On most of the profiles I have read in my search for companionship, the men on this site and others I have visit is looking for either the small petite lady or the statue model type women. It leave no room for a full figured mature women.

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    My charming friend,
    I am pleased to say, You - a full figure matured women are the most wonderful creation of dear God. Mentioning the wonders you hold may make you shy, may make your deep sea eyes show up passionate mighty turbulent waves, may make your rose petal lips tremble in burning desire, may make your tulip cheeks blush, may make your charming heavenly heart throb. So, I refrain myself from commenting on your amazing beauty that you hold as afull figure matured women.
    My lovely friend,
    You are the replica of DESIRE, PASSION, LOVE and everything dear God created to make a man happy both in bed, and in kitchen to make a cup of coffe for his love - full figure matured women. You are one and unique. Most full figure matured women are such.
    yours trustworthy,

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  • View author's info Posted on Oct 05, 2009 at 10:22 PM

    Hi my charming friend,
    Hey girl, look all around, the red red roses are tossing their heads in approval of your charming beauty, the multi coloured beautiful birds are singing wonderful heavenly tunes to make you happy, blue clouds with white patches in the open sky invites you to sail with them, feel the sweet feather touch of the cool morning breeze. It is for you that the earth has become a wonderful place.
    Lovely girl,
    Wish you all the brightest red red roses from the finest garden of the best heaven, the entire cool morning breeze from the South Sea, all the sweetest songs whispered into your ears by the most beautiful nightingale on this earth, and all the smiles of the bright cool morning sun. Like to take a stroll with me on the open calm serene sea beach ? Any woodland with beautiful lush green foliages, bright flowers and chirping birds may be a good place also.

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