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    After few days on this site, feel like sharing a story with you - whoever could read it ( hope someone is real here at least..)

    With the very basic and clear wish : find new people, men in particular, outside my large circle of international friends ( large but sometimes it seems small, you may know) - I selected few dating web sites, got few recent decent photos and took some time to create my profiles.

    To be honest, I was quite disappointed: few russian and international sites brought hunderds of messages from men, but almost all were " Hi How are you" type and no photo/ strange photo ( strange i Mean ugly, half-cut face, dirty hair, photos with no head, just stomach.. best ones were photo of a guy behind the barrels in prison and another man was doing the splits. I laughed like crazy -))

    THis Millionaire site was at least with decent photos. Fake ones, I guess , for most of them..

    Then I had a chat with a friend of mine. A real millionaire from Miami. Russian man, my age, quite young and successful, happy family and 3 kids. HE told me "You must be nuts! Never look for millionaires in US.. or elsewhere! All they need are 18-years- young top models with silicone lips and breasts.. Do not waste the time..WHY , WHY did you go to look for millionaires?!"

    He was wondering, as he knows I am not a 18-old model and no silicone lips. So not a right match for a millionaire-)

    I thought then : "Why, really, I am on this site? 

    Not about money : of course money is something you never refuse, but I have a decent income and own some property, so far from being desperate..

    Why - Because I believe that money, and millionaires is about Success. 

    And Success is about being 1) well educated and intelligent 2) healthy - body,, mind and spirit 3) talented - and realizing talents  4) courageous to take risks and stand out   5) responsible, as money also about responsibility and ability to take it   6) generousity : cash flow is something that comes and goes, and it should be spent (wisely) to generate new flow..

    I beleive people who are well-off, are healthier inside ( and outside, eventually). Not because having money make them healthier, but vice versa: their inner health ( call it cleanness, sincerity, opennness) make them succesful, and success is measured in money (at leat in the West).


    So to resume, I am here in a hope to find healthy, educated people. Friends or who knows - a man of my life; do they have millions or not , not as important as they could tell something more then a mere "hi how are u" and got their faces straight in the camera.. And ideally with clean clothes and hair -)

    Somehow for me it shows respect for others..)


    I hope I am not too demanding?

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    I will share my experience on this site about 6 years ago as a male as I was a certified millionaire and I am in the process of getting recertified.  The first woman I met seemed to be just after money and just into a nice date.  The second woman was also into the money aspect of it, but not as blatant and she was truely a sweetheart.  But she was not for me long term.   The third woman I met was a wonderful woman who I adored and we both knew we were going to get married the first night we met.  She was amazing.  We ended up getting married and had a 5 and a half year relationship (3.5 years of it we were married).  Unfortunately there were some things that came in between us.  Primarily due to her wanting to be closer to her parents and I was relunctant to move again after moving two times already (once for me, once for her).  In hindsight, I am kicking myself for not addressing it in a way that could have made us both happy.  We both ended up losing a great relationship/marriage and she has since moved on to a new guy who I am quite sure she will marry.  So in a nutshell, I had also tried Match, eHarmony, a few others sites out there back then and even Kelleher Associates which is a high end match making service similar to the show Millionaire Matchmaker.  But I found the woman who was to be my wife on this site.  So that is why I signed back up today hoping I will be able to recapture some magic from this site.  Maybe it will happen, maybe it won't.  But either way, I am a hopeless romantic and I am going to think positive.  


    Wishing everyone finds their happiness,


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    Dear Jstaprincess


    You are absolutely right...some things money just can't buy....

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    Dear Jstaprincess


    You are absolutely right...somethings money just can't buy....

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    Have you ever met a poor American male that has spent a week on the Azure Coast? We want to meet people with similiar life experiences.

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    Dear La_perle,

    Great writing, I really enjoyed it.  Unfortunately class and intelligence has absolutely nothing to do with wealth.  There are a few things monney can't teach and that is class and loyalty.  

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    Yoru comment is really elaborated and sadly all of it is true!!



    Your comment is also very insidefull!!



    Please allow me to tell you it is always a pleasure to read you booth!! :)


    I´m sure someone will get alone in the correct moment!! Best Luck!!



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