Let's make a list of Men who are Liars. Dating Wealthy Men / Women Forward to friends

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    GrapesOfGoodHope write:
    Ladies, why not turn this into the positive and list the good honest men on here? There is no point in listing the bad, because they can change their particulars in 5 seconds.

    I'll start with just 2 whom I can completely vouch for:

    There are also approximately 5 others, but I am not yet 100% convinced. (RobTest is a definite maybe.)

    Ladies you are starting on a path that had no destination. One thing ALL of you will need to ALWAYS remember is this is the "internet" Anyone can say anything about themselves at any given time. Unless you are very intimate with these guys at any given moment day after day after day(which is most unlikely as the distance is usually there)you will never know what they are truly like. Men/women can say anything. It's called getting to know someone and that is most certainly not full proof. Unless you can truly judge their character you don't know if what they say is the truth. So on that my advice is to put this thread to rest as it will only be a man bashing thread. No one can truly vouch for another unless they spend long quality time with them as we would with someone in our home town. Remember that and when you get involved with someone get all the pertinent info. Home phone, work phone,adress everything you would get from someone you were dating who lived down the street.
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    Good grief Grapes how could you forget me, Dans Darling Dollies will vouch for this very real guy, his kindness, tenderness, flirtiness, immaculate suit of armour, a true blue Brit. Come please tie your colours to my lance.
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    I have the names of two men...if youd like to know just mail me back Id be happy to provide you with thier names.
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    I have to say, you are very smart for a young woman. We need more like you. I know of at least one on this site who is a liar, acts all sweet and compassionate, but is a total narcisstic jerk. Unfortunately, most women don't realize it, so he gets plenty of dates and actually has a fan club going on here. This behavior hurts all of us. I'd like to mention his screen name, but he gets all nasty when I do that, claims he can make me lose my children. Scary, huh?
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