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    I got a comment on my profile from some woman in Plano, Texas. It said, "Obviously modesty is not your best quality!"
    Now, first of all... I don't know what she was checkin' ME out for! Her profile says she's into men and doesn't mention being bi! So I'm not sure what my hetero profile had to do with her, anyway.
    So I went to my profile and re-read it. I say things on it like "I'm attractive, sweet, multi-disciplined, confident. " Not anywhere do I say, "I'm God's gift to mortal man,... so stunningly beautiful you may go blind if you gaze upon me, and I'm superior to all females on this and every other dating site in the world."
    But, in the interests of attracting a man who is looking for romance, (or whatever) I'm not going to submit a profile that reads like a book review or a DVD Player Manual.
    Your profile is your "pitch!" If you're only here to see your name and photo on your computer monitor, then it's okay to have a profile that would put a cadaver to sleep. But if you want potential dates to believe that going out with you will be more interesting than watching their toenails grow.... you have to "sell" yourself to them! There's lots of competition here!
    What fool would post a profile that read, "Hi, I'm no big deal, not much to look at, could lose some weight and have superfluous nose hair. I suck at first and second dates but if you can stomach me long enough to see if I'm third time lucky ... I'll start to grow on you. (like ear wax.)"
    In my profile, I want men to know I don't have a face that would make a train take a dirt road. I want them to be assured if we talk I will not simply grunt in reply, that I'm successful in my own fields so I'm not here to score a "sugar daddy."
    So if selling myself is called immodest, then ...... oh, well! At least I won't be a "lonely" conceited
    bee-oche! (Pardon my spelling. I'm not fluent in hip hop.
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    Thanks for the suggestion, Alberto! That might make "Plano, Texas" happy, but I think I'd find my name being deleted from a lot of hot guys Profile Saving Files! I'm damned if I do and I'm damned if I don't! Since I'm just not into member-bashing chicks ... I think I'll keep on flirting with the hot guys! Ciao for now.....
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    Oh Katiegirl...If it seems like I was talking to you I didn't mean it that way...I think you are simply beautiful.Even your handle has very fond memories for me.I love your posts.I may not comment on them but I do.You don't need to sell your self.You terrific just the way you are....
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    Babeat, what I mean by selling myself is ... I'm not here on MM for the scintillating forum posts!I'm here looking for a man who is looking for someone like me. Now, if you roll a potato in an old, brown, paper bag, and another potato in a pretty, gold box with a satin ribbon tied around it, and you hold both out to someone and tell them to choose, they may pick the brown bag just to be contrary, but you can bet their first instinct was to grab the pretty gift first. They have no idea what's "inside," but first impressions and the most appealing will win over the unknown "inside" and the old brown paper wrapping every time. So, by "selling myself," I mean I write a profile that will create a visual of a gold, satin ribbon, and NOT an old bag! By selling myself I mean, I write a profile that tells my intended target why he SHOULD check me out ... not check me off! I don't think I'm all that, but I'll never find anyone here if I don't put my best foot forward. If that makes me sound full of myself.... then I guess I do! But I'm not.
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    I think almost everything is all about marketing, but perhaps that comes from me working for an elected official.. We may not like to think of putting our profiles here as such -- for some that may seem to cheapen all this, or perhaps bruise the ego, but don't take the word 'marketing' personally. We're all visual creatures, women and we're out here trying to market ourselves on one level or another; if you take it down to basics, that's what it's all about. It may not be exactly the same as selling the best widgets, but it's all about marketing nevertheless....just a different kind of marketing is all. And -- I don't think there's a thing wrong with that. As mature women, we've learned pretty much all there is to know about ourselves, so if we're confident, funny, assertive and all that, and we choose to put ourselves out here, it's ok! Is this a great country or what?
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    I have heard the idea of selling yourself...mostly by photo,over and over again..I never came here to sell myself.I could do that with any escort service.I don't want the kind of man I would be required to sell myself to.And I never took it that seriously..wasn't going to spend a bunch on glam shots etc.When I stopped believeng the ludicrous idea that I was going to meet a zillionaire,I just stopped taking it seriously and started having a blast...meeting people..just being myself...
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