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    The biggest problem are the scammers.  They are thick in all of the dating sites.  Most are from Nigeria or similar places and are very adept at making you fall in love with them, then they want money.  Many have fallen for these scams.  I highly recommend that you google this problem.  Search terms:  online dating scams, nigerian dating scams.  Also, save the photos from those who you are interested in and load them into Google Images.  You will be horrified at how many of the photos have been stolen from innocent victims to use in scams.  You can also take portions of their emails and paste them into Google Search.  If the lines have been copied and used in scams they will show up as such.  I learned all of this out of self-defense. It seems the scammers are the only ones interested in me. I turn them all in with a grin on my face!  Still....I really want to meet a real man!  Hopeless, I am not sure there are any left.  I think finding someone special on these sites is as rare as winning the lottery!  I was really hoping that the men on this site would be a cut above the men on other sites.  I think all of the real people quit the dating sites and left the scammers behind! 

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    There are so many fakes on these type sites that you never know who to trust. It's just crazy. Makes it really hard to meet anyone and to spend money to join a site to meet someone who isnt who they say they are just ticks me off.
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    The fakes and trolls were so bad a year ago that a large group of us left MM and formed our own blogging group. You can control your blog yourself, and your friends list is by invitation only. I highly recommend it.
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