Knights Action and Adventure

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    Love poetry.
    I think I am a Damsel in distress who wishes to be saved by a Knight.
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    What a lovely story, Jacobite.
    Thank you for sharing it.

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    Past the mist and the marsh whence the unicorn came is a tale of a sorceress. She has never been sen lore has it she is beautiful , an old hag no one knows for sure. Truth be told she is a shape shifter for she can be anyone or thing she desires. Her magic is good and very rarely uses it unless she feels it necessary to use it. Her magic is the most powerful in the land.

    walking through the village is a figure wrapped in a cape and hood ; this figure is handing out food and aid to villagers looking for the old hag. She has heard of the old hags plight to help a knight find a fair maiden and has touched her so deeply she is willing to join forces with the old hag, for this is not what she uses her magic for but the plight has filled her heart with so much love she will join forces.She has left word that she is searching and will know if the old hag is willing to speak to her. She goes back to the mist of which she came to await word.
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    for in God's sight
    he's made it right
    for Adam he made Eve
    you may not believe

    for man he made wife
    and for all he gave life
    he lives in our souls
    for he made you whole

    he walks upon this earth
    for his pain he thinks your worth
    when tired he will carry your burden
    when lost he will lead

    for one set of footprints you say
    because he carried you for a way
    for you he died
    even tho you lied

    for you he will rise
    for now he is wise
    Angels he sent from above
    to show his love

    Angels he sent to guide
    but you must walk not ride
    for life is full of joy
    for every girl and boy

    for all he created
    won't be debated
    so find within
    what God has given
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    the handsome knight
    has his damsel in sight
    for he is in love
    by the sky above

    she doesn't know
    is he friend or foe
    he will try his best
    for in his arms will she rest?

    oh for love is blind
    they are one of a kind
    in search of old
    he must be bold

    could it be
    can't she see
    for her white knight is near
    why does she fear
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