Love...what is it, really and why do we want it so badly? Dating Wealthy Men / Women

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    Love Is... taking in all the wonders of life -- its joys, its sorrows, its sunshine, its smiles -- learning from the experiences each one brings you, and then, from a caring heart, giving them all away again.
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    LOve in adulthood remains a prototype of the unconditional love we know as a helpless baby bonding with our parents.

    Love deconstructed in its barest form is that between the parent and infant.
    As we grow older and mature , or conditioned to our training and expectations which we need to conform , then Love evolves as one where we get rewarded for by living up to the expectations of our loved ones or our potential lovers..or we expect to love only certain perceived ideals of what we want in our potential lovers or object of our love..
    The greatest hindrance to unconditional love is that we begin to consciously or unconsciously impose conditions and expectations on our 'Love' or objects of our love..
    Tempering and compromising or indeed deliberately erasing these expectations of what we perceive as our 'LOve wishes' is perhaps the first step to meeting true unconditional love..

    so in a nutshell , we need to start from 'ground zero' in love...expecting little but giving a lot of time ..and what about this thing call Chemistry or magic? that we need to leave to Fate or Divine intervention..
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    Inspiration2005 write:
    Ever wonder why we love? What love really is and why we subject ourselves to it over and over again. Sadness with disappointment rolled into that one moment of hope. That moment when time feels as if it has stopped just for us.

    That crazy, unstable I can't live without you feeling. Is that love? Or is real love the staying through adversity, the getting through the hard stuff. Are we as human beings capable of loving and accepting ourselves enough to feel the pain of another.

    To see the depth of a man or woman who is not perfect but is willing to just be. A woman who has accepted all parts of who she is and who she is not. A woman who loves the man for who he is and not what he has or can give her.

    Sure love to a woman is security. And selecting a man who can provide a rich and full life is a bonus. Where are the men who want to be accepted and loved for who they are. The men that can laugh at themselves and still be OK. The unpretentiousness, the men willing to remove the masks they show the world with the right relationship. Where are those folks who want to just be?

    Do they really exist?

    Inspiration, you worded it so beautifully that it's hard to imagine why you are still in persuit of this thing called "L-O-V-E".

    Those among us who continue to seek it because do so there is no greater gift in the world. It is the one true need that we as beings tend to neglect far too often.

    However, it is my belief that if we focused on it and sacrificed all for it's sake like we do Money, Fame, and Success, that more of us would not only find it but would bask in the joy of all of the afore mentioned aspirations as well.

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    bobsthename write:
    I'm right here baby!

    Ha! ha! Bob..great picture, tried that once.

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