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    I'd prefer a man that has millions that doesn't act like he has millions... I would love to meet a man that attained wealth (however he attained it), and still knew how to be down to Earth when it came to meeting someone that had less than them.

    I do business and am trying to get a few millionaires to hear my music and it's rather hard based on the fact that they always feel that their money is in jeopardy... Like--"You're only hanging around me because I have money and connections." They never see it like a person just wants to get out too--based on the talents they have--not the money they make.

    It's a constant struggle between the poor and the rich. Once a poor man gets rich he no longer wants to be reminded of his broke days so he changes everything around him even the type of woman he dates will be different. Those type of men feel that a poor woman only wants them for their bankroll and not for themselves..

    My question is: Who wouldn't want a better life? Who wouldn't want to travel and have the finer things? I can't expect it but when I become international and my records are platinum--then some broke guy comes along and tells me what I've been saying all along----Why can't you be with me? Is it because I'm broke?
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    HowWhenWhere write:
    A lottery millionaire, a self-made millionaire or a blue blood millionaire?

    A confident, compassionate, tolerant, ethical, fair-minded, loving ... millionaire. LOL

    I know all three of the other types, and it doesn't matter to me where wealth comes from as much as how it's used.

    I know a man in Ottawa, Canada, where I live sometimes, who won $3 million. He and his wife decided the winning wasn't enough that they could afford to help everyone, so to avoid playing favorites, he didn't even give a meager penny to his own brother, whose wife Sandi was disabled.

    The man and woman are alone. They have no friends, and everyone he meets, he treats as though they want his money but aren't going to get it.

    I know another man in Ottawa. He won $4 million. He and his wife built a church for their community costing $3 million.

    He is still a millionaire. They have hundreds of admirers and friends, they can see their good fortune in the faces of the congregation every Sunday, and they are living happily ever after.

    I believe, no matter where your success comes from, if you fear losing it so much that you clutch it tight and will do anything to keep it all and get even more to cover any possibility of loss .... it isn't much of a life and, in fact, is more of a prison.
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