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    Genuinebeauty41 write:
    I have a very passionate singing dream that I know that somehow I am going to make happen as I am determined, and in all faith! I have been on a wonderful journey of discovering all my inner potential, and I know that as I remain very focused and positive of my precious dream, I know that somehow, someway, it will happen! I have the voice potential as I've been told by many. I believe in creating mind over matter. If anyone would have any advise or guidance in helping me with my passionate singing dream, it would mean the world to me!!


    There have been some pretty talented people come out of Bakersfield. I'm sure there is another one there. Hopefully it will be you.

    Good luck in making your dream come true.
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    I say try it!!! give your self a chance, but be honest with your self after a time you will know if it will come true. Good luck to you and when you do your first concert I want front roll ticket.................Unsnaggedeagle
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