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    That this place is not real. I may be 47 but I AM attractive, divorced, intelligent, funny on occasion, lovable, affectionate, = = = I have alot of great qualities that SHOULD be appealing to a man that is looking for a relationship with a woman. I have figured out a couple of things. 3 out of 4 of the men in this web site must be married. The other "1" out of the 4 is obviously #1- taken, #2- too busy with ALL the girls already and quite the playboy, #3- totally shy and waiting for the 'right' girl to say something to him and too shy to answer back. #4- too involved in his own life to do any 'checking the profiles'. He just checks his email. oh and then there is the #5 guys- The C word....dare I spell it???? here goes...
    Gimme a C...Gimme an O....Gimme and M.....and another M....let's try an I....Follow with a T....add 4 more letters M E N T ......hmmmmmm....can you say that outloud????
    I am really NOT a difficult lady. I am just tired of waiting for a nice man to step up. I actually would like to meet a man of good character. He doesn't have to be a millionaire, but I would like to meet a man that doesn't mind paying for dinner!
    So I emplore you Nice Men out there.....IF YOU ARE OUT THERE.....I double dog dare you to contact me. Check out my profile....my pics are there. What are you afraid of???? That you might actually like me????????

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  • View author's info Posted on Feb 23, 2006 at 03:53 AM

    You're probably right about the amount of married people on here. I've never looked at the quality of men on here but the first thing I noticed was the amount of beautiful ladies on here. Most dating sites the average girl is well over 160lbs, not that large ladies don't need lovin too, but it's not for everyone. I've often felt that lots of these ladies are married and get their jollies by hitting on men in here but are safe at home with little chance of ever getting caught and with no intention of following through. Most often these gals will disappear once confronted with meeting. Just my thoughts,,,Lazz
    I hope you don't mind but i just copied this over from a reply i made yesterday on another newbie.
    You are cute, I snuck a peek, it would be nice to be a little closer.
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