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    Would love to know more about this man that I believe is hot and yummy yet has or is trying to play me on.. like many others. Could really use your advice or input as he is to arrive here in T.O on Thursday from Sweden. I look forward to all comments especially from my fav ladies on this site...1hotmama...katiegrl....Tomigirl...S4U....Sharp1....last1stock ect....I truly loved reading all messages that was posted by these lovely and gorgeous ladies and respect any input they can or will give.

    cheers :)
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    hey there weelassy you still around
  • View author's info Posted on Apr 06, 2005 at 11:28 PM

    Weelassy on that one i can't help you. But in practice i would say meet with him and have a good time. You can not always believe what someone says. You never know the reason. If he is a player it will show. Sometimes these guys as well as the women will have many "dates" or communications with each but until you feel like you have found "the one" will just keep looking. Just don't give him any special gifts or money:) LOL......S4U
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    Weelassy....thanks for the compliment! I would be happy to put in my two sense, although that's all it is. I have never gotten an email or IM from this man. However, I took a look at his profile. He is yummy.....that's for sure! I noticed in two of the pictures that he has a wedding ring on. He states single, not divorced, so that is a concern. I have a low tolerance for lying. Also, there are women cut out of a few shots, especially concerning is the one with his pants undone. I don't know about you, but I don't like players and he looks like one. Hopefully you have spent plenty of time getting to know the real man behind the funny/sexy pictures before you meet him.

    If you do decide to meet him, just make sure you are safe and have fun!
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    what sweet words. Thank you. I haven't had any contact with this fella, as I am WAAAAY too old, but like you, I think he is one handsome fella!!! I don't know whether he is playing you or not, but just be careful and please let us know how the meeting goes!!!
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    weelassy, write me directly. I will be happy to help you.
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