Have we become immune to Romance? Romance

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    Aw, Faris, I'm sorry you're so disillusioned. But let your negative feelings about romance just run their course. You can't force yourself to embrace romance into your life again. But, from experience, I know you get down about the seeming insincerity of flower-givers and poets.... and then, just when you least expect it .... "HE" brings you one flower, or writes you a really goofy "Roses are red..." poem, or gives you a little, stupid 25 cent toy from a vending machine and all of a sudden, it's damn cute and you could hug him till he squishes.
    Sometime it's the innovative, non-traditional gifties you get that enable a man to break through the titanium barrier built around you and win your heart. And usually that special, unique and perceptive guy .... knows it.

    Good luck being found by him.
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    I take nothing away from you when I say this Faris: you are 20 (oh to be young again) - what exactly does being alone for "a long time" entail for you? Months? Years? You'll find a few of us here on MM that can tell you that being alone for a long time for you might be a blink of the eye for others.

    But to answer your questions (the best I can).
    So you find you expect other things from a relationship these days? That's called maturing.
    What you want today may well be different for you tomorrow. All part of growing older.
    I know that all the hot, steamy sex in a relationship I looked forward to in my youth
    no longer holds the same appeal for me today - oh hell, who am I kidding??!!
    Yes it does!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    All kidding aside, who knows - you may meet someone who will make getting flowers and little notes fun again. Or you may be forever past that stage.
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