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    Okay, so I'm a tall woman - 5'10" in my stocking feet. I love to wear heels... and when I do, I can often top 6'1"... I love being tall! (I've earned by call name "Extratallblondie" even if I don't think that 5'10" is very tall.)

    But, I don't like being with a man who is my height, shorter or only a smidge taller than myself. Why? Well, I've dated all the above and discovered that when I'm with one of those men, I feel like a bull in a china shop! I feel clumsy... not in the least bit feminine or sexy.

    But pair me with a man who is 6'1" or TALLER and I feel so sweet, feminine, and dare I say it: petite! (That's quite remarkable when you consider that I'm usually at the 6' mark and most folks - both men and women - are shorter by a good bit!) I wanna look up to my man! The fist and most attractive criteria in a man for me is his height. Dang; love a tall guy!

    I work hard to forgive all the petite girls for stealing the tall guys (all's fair in love and war after all)... but sure wish that there were more TALL men to go around. Or at least tall men who wanted a girl he could kiss without getting a crick in his neck! ~grin~

    Now, that was my rant... What I'd like to know is how important is height to you? How does your partner's height make you feel? Do you have a preference that you consciously seek? Come on, am I the only one?

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    I'm 5'11 and wear 6 inch heels which puts me at 6'5 when I'm all dolled up in my naughty attire. 


    I agree 100% with your statement about feeling "petite" with a taller man. I have the exact experiences. When a man who is shorter tries to dance with me, he pulls me over because I am too tall to be pulled up to his chest in form. A taller man pulls me close and my body automatically fits.


    One thing only another tall woman can understand is ......The sexual positions that can only be done correctly and with pleasure when a tall woman is with a tall man. Men like to think they can do all positions when the woman is taller. But they can't.  A perfect example is standing up with him behind me. Only a tall man can be in that position correctly without bending my back down and twisting me uncomfortably. He can walk straight up behind me and keep his chest to my back the entire time while I fall into him as he bites on my neck. A short man simply can't reach to do all that.  All positions with a man my height or shorter require me to bend and twist in unnatural ways that remove a good portion of the pleasures had with a taller man whose body wraps around mine like a finely wrapped gift.

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    I am only 5'6" but like to wear at least 2" heels. I also like to dance salsa and we do a lot of turns. It's frustrating when my partner's arm rubs against my hair during a turn. I like my guy to be at least 2" taller than me in heels.
    That's all I ask!
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    What is this site like
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    Oh, I love tall men too! Thankfully it's mutual :-)
  • View author's info Posted on Aug 11, 2012 at 11:38 PM

    HEY! Who put me in the "nose bleed" section??? Heehee~
    YEP! Vertically "challenged".... and I LOVE tall men.. 
    I'd be hard pressed for men if I was taller... OH! Already have men as a challange! LOL...
    I don' know that I'd want to be taller.. but IF I WERE..
    We can be SHORT! ;)

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  • View author's info Posted on Aug 09, 2012 at 07:44 PM

    yep. Love tall men;-)
    My BFF is a 5'10 model-thin blonde- we're constantly cracking up because she'll say 'look over there!" & I'm "over where??? I can't see anything!" She calls me "vertically challenged' ;-)
  • View author's info Posted on Jul 26, 2012 at 02:43 PM

    Sounds like you have major height issues....LOL
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