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    There's an ongoing tendency of certain members, often the same ones, entering forum topics and steering them widely off course for their own purpose or soapboxes. As adults, can we please respect each topic creator and keep the subject matter within each topic heading, on the intended course. Certainly, anyone can additionally create their own, seperate forum topic if they want to veer into other tangents loosely related to the original posted query. In this way, every person of intelligence can politely express their own feelings, views or experiences fully without being rude to the originally posting party and those who want to discuss their topic. One would think this would be an unspoken understanding between adults. But the forums are showing this isn't the case. If we all remember basic politeness and etiquette, no one need be berated, offended or disrespected. As it is, it seems that much as smokers, are "inconvenienced" with recently spreading laws, some people forget or cannot understand without bringing it bluntly to their attention how their habits and "free spirited" sharing of them, severely encroach upon the rights of others to avoid them (smoke, rudeness, etc.). This post is not meant to "berate" anyone, it is only a reminder of general, basic conversational politeness, in hope of seeing a more polite and comfortable forum for everyone. This basic politeness allows everyone to address topics they relate to, and ignore those they don't, simply by reading the topic before entering.
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    LMAO S4
    Yes switched into dumb blonde/Lucy mode for that! LOL

    Agree with you Sharpe1 totally, think we proved that point by getting into the cigarette/Peru discussion, LOL.

    OK excuse me time to light a Cancer stick!
  • View author's info posted on Mar 18, 2005 22:01

    Ok I'll go to Pachu machu or is that a new cigarette?
    Use to Canadian ones but from what my US friends say ours are stronger?
    So where is that place or cigarette?

  • View author's info posted on Mar 12, 2005 06:36

    You know, I hear they do the same thing Peru. Anyone want to see Machu Picchu?
  • View author's info posted on Mar 11, 2005 03:24

    Does anyone know where I can buy cheap cigarattes on the net? Sorry, a little off topic but as I'm writing this I need a
  • View author's info posted on Mar 10, 2005 06:10

    You're absolutely right there, DoYouDreamOfJeanie, and I support you entirely. I just started to read the forums recently and was amazed at the childlike behaviors of some of the members. I thought this site was for adults only... ;) Nevertheless, a lot of comments are very interesting and intelligent. This is the only reason I kept on reading them.
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