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Can A newbie get a little insight.............
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Posted on Fri, Nov 15, 2013 18:28

       Hellon everyone,

I must say , I 'am a newbie , and i' ve also acquired some good knowledge from these blogs , and forums.  I Came across a couple topics about interracial relationship , and  some guys  having a preference to women of color by not adding them. which in my eyes is fine. I've always felt individuals should communicate with who ever, and whatever makes them happy. Me i don't have a preference when it comes to skin colors or colors in general. I wear, and write with all colors  dye my hair all colors , so basically i could care less about a skin color.  you could be purple , and  make me smile being a gentleman 85-90% of the time, because no one's perfect ,and am cool with that. The reason i brought this up was because , this was my first time every doing a dating site . so upon me sitting up my account. I proceeded to look at the different profiles , and if some one   was of interest to me I sent, and email. After i further read their likes , and about themselves . what i did not pay to much attention to was the column to the right about their match. after reading some of the forums , and blogs.  I went back to further read into their profiles ,an i saw that some not all did not  have women of color as there ethnic group. Which was fine to me. The point am trying to communicate is...i still got responses from some of the males who did not have women of color as and option. I pretty much have an ideal in my head, but i would like to know what you guys think that means? would u still communicate? would it rub you the wrong way and make you feel a certain type of way? would u just brush it off , and proceed Or what. Am also feeling beelove topic . starting to sound like me. My apologies for  anything misunderstood or typos . Also what's up with all the people who view your profile and you cannot see there's .


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