millionaires who are on line Dating Wealthy Men / Women

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    Seems like the two of you were very fortunate in finding each other.
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    For a "shallow Topic" you sure had alot of your "shallow" views to add, with that said I am talking of the way you as a so called upper tax bracket. Spend your money on women, instead of saying that this was a choice you made, to spend whatever on whomever. You see this is how some men get what they want,they pay for it. Only a gentlemen whether a millionaire or not doesn't have to buy a women, they have sincerety,respect and if they give or offer gifts thats what it is, end of story.
    I agree that both women & men will put thier self-respect aside for money, this is "shallow".
    Their are millionaires in dollars, but the best kind of millionaires need not to have a bank to hold their millions. Only to be a real person!

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    Could You...

    If you hadn't any fortune
    would you like the man you'd see,
    would you take the time to know him
    and seek his company?
    Do the riches you behold
    have a hold on you...
    or have you seen enough
    to know what they can't do?
    Could you be the keeper
    of a lover's hopes and dreams,
    protect her from the storm of life
    with all your worldy means?
    Do you have the strength
    to be weak enough to cry,
    to trust in her so deeply
    there's nothing you would hide?
    Could you hold her tight to you
    and breathe her essence in,
    and would you let her love you
    all cautions to the wind...
    Would your arms open wide
    the moment she appeared,
    would you pull her in
    and share a kiss
    too sweet to find compare....
    would you love her mind, body and soul
    let her love yours, as you both grow old
    would you never know a failure
    as long as she was near,
    to pull you in, to listen and to share...
    and in the heat of the night
    as our bodies rise and fall,
    with moans and pleas of passion
    shadowed on the wall,
    would you climb with me
    to a place you'd never seen
    look in my eyes, but see my heart
    as you release in pleasured scream...

    ah, to dream... to dream....


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    I think if you are a genuine person who is looking for love, money wont buy this. Money helps you travel to beautiful places, eat in beautiful restaurants, but wont buy your heart. I believe that even the Millionaires on here will be very wary of the gold diggers but are looking for genuine love with someone who is not just after the money. As someone just quoted people with millions of dollars/pounds dont speak about their money.
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    You totally hit the nail on the head! My mother always used to say that to me as well.. "just as easy to love a rich man as a poor man". And you're right, men are not looked down upon for preferring sex kittens in their 20s, yet women who prefer a man with some stability are gold-diggers. Oh well.
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    The rule is not to talk about money with people who have much more.... or much less than you...

    It's not why I am here, but to meet new people..
    But it is nice read..

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    In regards to HiltonHead, I just read your input about women being so demanding and I agree completely!! I have mentioned many times, money can buy you alot of things, but it can't buy you love!!! I've never come from money, but I am happy and have been in love in the past and money was not an issue as to why we ended the relationship.
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    Such wisdom for one so young, I'm impressed.
    My accountant once said, "The more money you have, the younger they'll tell you, you look." hahha It's true.
    When I joined here, nobody replied. THEN, my extra photos showing my 27' sailboat and two private docks at the end of my home uploaded. What a change.I wouldn't return the emails from those same men who didn't give me the time of day before!!! hahahah
    Do they really think we older women are desperate for their attention. When one turned me down, I said, "No problem, do you have a son? My last live-in was 31."
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    Yes, its all about someone who intrests you, someone who brings out the flavour in you, someone who knows the right place to press and you are over heated :)) someone who knows when it is right to smooch and make you feel wonderful, someone who knows how to say it and when to say it and where to say it,,, someone who makes you shiver when you look into thier eyes, its not about how big the pocket is or how small it is, afterall that person with a small pocket can have a big one tomorrow and the big one might fall short n become less too. Its once again all about the MIND.
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    Cute kids! Relationships are more important than net worth. Respect, Trust and unselfishness are essential. The weather looks nice compared to MN.
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    why you want to meet a millionaire???to date with him or her???
    then why don't make yourself to be a millionaire???
    you'll enjoy more when you take your own money

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    sweendogr write:
    SweetSue2004 write:
    How do you know who the millionaires are. I don't see any notation or anything.


    Does that matter to you?


    what in the heck are men on here for if a guy isn't a millionaire, go to another site... plenty out there... not many originals on here like you honey baby... by the way hilton head. go gamecocks,ha
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    hi there, i would like to get to know you if that is possible and if i am not disturbing... :)

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    Yes, I imagine that they are here - hence the name of the website. There are probably just a few, and they are really busy. They are spending their time weeding through all of the Gold digging Divas in the hopes of finding their true love.

    You see and I am trying to avoid the men that are looking for an "INDEPENDANT" woman that they can "DEPEND" on!! That's why I am here.

    The men on here probably have no clue that professional fiercly independant women go through the same thing. There are alot of men that have no ambition, no money, no savings, no job or work ethic BUT they are sooo darn good looking that sometimes you.......... oh well, just call it an 'oops' and move on.

    I've worked tooo hard and for tooo long to earn what I have to be silly with it in the name of LOVE!!!

    Oh well...There's someone for everyone or maybe not.
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    SweetSue2004 write:
    How do you know who the millionaires are. I don't see any notation or anything.


    Does that matter to you?
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    How do you know who the millionaires are. I don't see any notation or anything.
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    Moon_Light write:
    silverT write:
    Its not the money you have, but how you use it. I have the means to spoil a pamper a woman, but would rather have a meaningful relationship where both contribute to the relationship.

    Re: Very good words. I am looking for the same - for meaningful relationship. But I do not understand only one thing -why so many crzy people here in this site? (Sorry!) There is so many special adult dating sites in Internet...

    There is everything clear in my profile - who I am and what I am looking for... but which answers I've got? Terrible! Some men - who seems to be serious and normal - prepose the money for "non-traditional" sex!

    Look to this picture, this I've got yeaterday from one man here. He also wrote that he is "millionaire".... but what is with his head???


    Whoa......hell to the naw...
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    latinoforever2007 write:
    I really dont think the cerfified millionaire option is a great thing ... I mean it will attract scams, ive already met over 12 people here (Women from either Phillines,Russia, Or Ukraine)in just 1 week as a member who were interested in asking me for cash within a few minutes with useless lies and stuff about been ill or that their grandmother is dying and need certain cash now ... pretty sad but its the same on any dating site ... more here were theres wealthy and well off men im not saying all the girls are gold diggers, of course not ive met lovely people here already! but many here are trying to cash in on the men its natural when the site is called what its called ... I certainly would not wish to be a certified millionaire it will only lead to more hassle or problems in my view ... but all to their own ...

    Have a great day ,



    Man I guess there are some gold diggers on here regardless if they are male or female.
  • View author's info posted on Jan 15, 2007 05:01

    BlueEyz2006 write:
    Dear May Lady,

    Thanks for the kind compliment. I hope your Christmas dreams come true!! To everyone else, have you seen the new "certified millionaire" function? I'm curious what you think. To me, it's an invitation for becoming a target of scams and improper offers. But then again, it may help women separate the wheat from the chaff... Comments?


    I agree,it sure brings out all the absolute beauties thats stuck in nigeria needing money to get overseas to marry us,,lol.
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