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    I know when I signed up for this website, I was told that there are alot of men looking for a "companion" to help them with things, chat with them and just someone to go to dinner with and such.... From what I see this is not the case at all
    Has anyone o here found a companion such as that? I am a struggling college student and that is what I am looking for!
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  • View author's info Posted on Oct 05, 2012 at 09:00 PM

    Hi Sweetie... 
    I don't know about "this site" being geared for your needs... This is not really a "Sugar Daddie" type site, though it displays money in the name..... 
    Google "Sugar Daddy" and you may find more what you seek.. 
    Be sure to NEVER allow ANY man, regardless of wealth, attraction, your needs etc.. to treat you in a disrespectful manner. Be honest and upfront (as you have been here) and use your money wisely!! 
    And honey, take it from an older broad here.. Jeez.. seems like just yesterday I was chasing butterflies... (OH! I WAS! LOL) 
    Do NOT give men your "real information" as your name, address, etc.. Get their names, spokeo their email addys, look up their phone numbers, verify.. and NEVER meet alone.. Only public places and don't park where they can see your plate. I totally recommend a mall, and tell him the OPPOSITE of where you parked.. (but don't tell him). Plenty of places to skirt into at mall as well as to scope him out ahead of time if he turns out to be a freak.. 
    Webcam to make sure he is who he says first and don't allow him to convince you of something you don't want to do.. 
    Be safe sweetie! 
    God Bless!! :)
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    A companion? LOL Funny.

    Struggling college student implies that you want some sort of compensation for your company... that doesn't make you a companion and would probably be a good reason why you haven't found anyone.
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