women who lie on MM Health

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    2 percent is cheap. You have the job. Just don't expect your 2 percent in trade. I would be worn out from all of the traveling EVERY DAY. lol

    Recomendations. Just ask Rachael Welch, Halle Berry, Demi Moore, and hundreds of others.

    God, I hope they let me out of this ward soon, so I can get back to work.


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    The aspiring gigolo who dreams ...do be do be do...

    first u need to put up your cv with real experience, your forte..some great flyers (not fly) ...lots of PR selling from women who know you...as the real dandy with alot of spirit and spunk..and you are on your way...so find yourself a good spin doctor..it is a world of spin and lies that sell a good story and a good line..so go get um..need me to do the selling for u I take 2%..but might be a hard job I reckon..
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    OK, OK. I guess I had better come clean. I am not really a gigolo, but if you bring out the checkbook and write enough numbers on the check, I will become one.

    Well, I guess that is incorrect also. I am a gigolo right now, but still waiting on a customer -- to become a practicing gigolo.
    Heck, Clinton was a lawyer, but have you ever seen him take a case yet??
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    The folks who visit dating websites are a representation of the reality that surrounds us all.
    There are liars everywhere, it isn't unique to dating sites.
    I personally had an epiphany as a teenager. I told a lie, and then later, in order to cover that lie, I told another person another lie. One lie begat another and before long, I had woven the proverbial "wicked web". The dread of being "discovered" overwhelmed me.
    And despite my best efforts, and as is often the case, my lie was exposed for all to see. Mind you, the thing I lied about was a minor thing (in fact, although I remember the lesson, I don't actually recall the lie itself!), but the lesson was ingrained deeply.
    And ever since I have found it exhilirating to not tell a lie and never have to worry tomorrow about something I said today!
    A great way to live your life...
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    HM I am a gentle being, no need for concern, I am always and forever a gentleman, that is until it is requested that I not be,
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    HM, I was joking back with you, no worries here
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    I agree with you totally, Minerva. And with Chazz and lioncourt also.

    We've covered that topic in Romance/Honesty and the input was very good.

    I've been lied to too often on the net, I've become very categorical on the subject. The ONLY thing I can tolerate is the age thing, IF the person tells me his real age on the first date or on the phone. Apart from that, pictures not matching the real person, marital status, smoking/non smoking, all leave me with a very sour taste in my mouth. I find it even disrespectful because it is a complete waste of everyone's precious time, so WHY on earth do it??? Like wellab said so well, where do you draw the line afterwards???
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    I believe that any sick visions to be had are all in your wee little head dear HM.
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    I thought it would be funny toadd the butt pic, thanks for the compliment,and yes i know your profile was a comlpete and total play ground of fun, no worries,
    on the road to recover bye all.
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    Why is it that you ALWAYS spot the naked pics on this site...I never notice half the time until I read your comment. Bet you are just a little secretive perv seeking them out. huh?
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    Chazz, sorry to hear that some women on MM lied to you. The men and women who are honest are few and far between. Personally I don't understand why anyone feels the need to lie about their age, or about anything else about themselves unless they have something to hide. If you're secure with yourself, then you feel good no matter what age you are. I've never lied about my age and never will. I'm proud I've made it this far, and life is good. Don't give up and good luck in your search.
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    Hellow there........ good for you for exposing someone if they have lied to you I personally have no respect for people that will not be truthful and totally honest and that goes for both men and woman and you can't personally take offensive what others say on this site these forums are to basically have some fun and make some friends which is a great way of doing it and I think this is why this site is different if we choose to do so and be kind and considerate of others!
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