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to avoid disapointment
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Posted on Thu, Feb 04, 2010 11:50

> We should definitely thank Internet dating and the Millionaires club for giving us opportunity to widen our circle of friends, because when we put parameters on our life we
limit the possibilities and I would never want a distance to be the reason why I missed the opportunity to miss my soul mate. Best relations are based on physical, emotional and psychological attraction, it's possible to feel emotional and physiological attraction when you exchange mails though Internet and dating site, the only bad thing is that you can not truly feel if there is real physical attraction without meeting this person in real life, so my advise is: do not wait for too long to meet in real life because as it unfortunately often occures dispite of the spiritual attraction there is absolutely none in chemistry and without it it doesn't work if you want a true romance.
When it's a long distance virtual relationship don't waste months before you meet because if there is no spark you will never get your priceless time back, and never send money for the tickets and other travel expenses for someone you haven't even met, it's possible to send a named ticket or even better to go yourself first to meet this person on her/his territory, see their family, surroundings and only after seeing the person in reality you might consider if it's worth travel expenses.
Very often people look different from the photos they placed in their profile, it would be useful too to ask to confirm that fresh photos are put in
order not to be disappointed. And the best advise in any matter follow your intuition and listen to your heart , the best counselor ever. Good luck!

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Posted on Sat, Feb 06, 2010 16:49

Thanks for this post. There I was beginning to lose hope. I definitely agree that we should thank technology for the chance to meet all sort of people. And I also agree on not putting personal parameters to limit all possibilities. I joined this site because I want to broaden my horizons when it comes to meeting men. It is just unfortunate that I live in a country where the men doesnt appeal to me. I was hoping this site would somehow help and open all possibilities. But I guess the chances of that happening is slimmer than when you just want to meet people around the area.

What are your experiences in the site? I have been a member for a week and I find the site really slow. Not a lot of people are viewing profiles. Though its good that they have this forums and blogs. But other than that,I dont know what to think, maybe Im just expecting too much as I read good reviews about this site. I do believe patience is a virtue, but sometimes you get tired of waiting,lol O h well, I have paid the membership,will wait and see how it goes until it expires.