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    Hello! Well the thing is, I hold myself with high esteem. I respect myself and others, and feel like I deserve the best, and I have alot to offer in return.. Everyone has hard times so there is no need to elaborate. I have grown from these experiences nstead of letting them devour me. Im young but wise and fun and a lot more. People say money doesnt provide true happiness. Reality is it helps, without this green paper, you really cant do much. The thought about working to live, scares me. I want to live to work. I have high goals aspiations. Money wouldnt change me only benefit my lifestyle. I am almost a licenced cosmetologist and could easily be independant, but having so.eone else would be nice:)

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    This is actually an interesting question and it is a good opportunity to do some soul searching.

    The truth is that I am looking for a number of things in a man. First, I need to be with a man who I get along with and who is willing to accept me as I am. Second, I would like to find a man who I consider an equal in intelligence, curiosity and education. These things are necessary for a satisfying relationship.

    However, I think everyone has fantasies about wealth and many women think that the easiest way to get it is to find a rich man. Also, women are genetically programmed to seek out wealthier men since they may be better providers for their children.

    Myself, I have fantasies about wealth too. It would be wonderful not to worry about mortgages or student loans. It would also be great to go back to college without worrying about the debt I will be in when I finish. Finally, I would love to help my parents as they retire so that they can travel and get the most out of their golden years.

    Money represents different things to different people but the one thing that everyone agrees on is that they don't want to worry about money.

    That is the most honest answer I can find.
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    First up I'm not saying I want to marry a rich man but would have to see how things pan out before any form of decision would be made along those lines. well, seeing I'm new here I thought I'd give you my take as a woman from "down under". I have met some nice single guys (not on this site, just a newy here) but I'm looking for the fire that lights the soul of a passionate man and a passionate man will, by the nature of that passion, be an achiever and my equal. Mediocrity breeds mediocrity and non participation in life just an aimless drifting, although I have to admit there are times when I drift aswell. If you want any more please feel free to contact me Catalley
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    I came here because I am tired of men thinking that I slept my way here or that items/value was/were handed to me. I have worked d#$% hard and I'm not about to have a man who squandered his money away to try taking from me. So, I came here looking for an equal. I own very nice farmland and am acquiring more right next to my beautiful farm.

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    Where do I find this man to replied? What name does he go by?
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