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  • View author's info Author Posted on Feb 22, 2011 at 05:38 AM

    Hello ladies!

    I am looking for a few brave, proud and truthful ladies!

    Now let's be real, we are all on here because we want to meet a guy with means or some degree of money, otherwise we would be members of PoorManMatch (not sure if that's a real website lol) instead of MillionaireMatch.

    But what I want to know is WHY?

    Why do you want to date or marry a wealthy man?
    What is your background?  Where did you grow up?  What do you do for a living?

    I want to hear your unique stories especially from around the globe!!!
    Please leave comments/speak your mind!

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  • View author's info Posted on Mar 18, 2014 at 03:53 PM

    Just looking for that EXTRA SPECIAL person I mesh with......

  • View author's info Posted on Feb 16, 2014 at 12:21 PM

    Why marry a poor man?  Why not to marry a homeless man? Or alcoholic? Unemployed? .......
    Stop to ask nonsense questions. 

  • View author's info Posted on Dec 19, 2013 at 09:31 AM

    I think women admire a man who has drive and determination. Attracted to a successful man who works hard and can give them a sense of security. Money may not be everything, but a man who is successful shows many other good qualities: hard working, focused, driven, responsible.

  • View author's info Posted on Jul 28, 2013 at 05:15 PM

    I am not really interested in a man's wealth. I chose this site because, the men on this site
    appear to take care of themselves i.e. most are concerned about their appearance; well groomed and most are educated, this means I have more in common with people on this site.
    I work and have my own money!
  • View author's info Posted on Jul 28, 2013 at 01:52 PM

    You women looking for rich men are lost.

    Deep, deep down, I can guarantee that you TRULY want LOVE.

    And what would you do if/when the man's money runs out ?

    Let's all guess (no need to guess - we already know).

    And you know it too - deep down.
  • View author's info Posted on Apr 28, 2013 at 06:54 PM

    Although raised in a solid middle-class family, I have been incredibly fortunate and have lived in Paris, London, New York and LA. Have traveled to Africa several times as well as many European countries. My creative interests have allowed me to become steeped in culture and the arts, seeing amazing plays, operas, ballets, concerts and museums. I have a Masters in Humanities and a PhD in Literature and Writing. My reasons for wanting a successful man are:
    I believe in the traditional idea that the man should be the provider and protector of the home (particularly when there are young children at home) and that the woman should be the lover and nuturer of the family.
    I do not think I could honestly repsect a man if he could not support a family (I am looking for a man in his 40's, close to my age who would have had enough time to develop his talents and make his way in the world), although anyone that makes a good living is need to be uber wealthy.
    I have two things that I am passionate about and if I were with a supportive husband who was able to provide financially, I could fully pursue writing my book and working for the foundation I am starting on a full time basis. I could NEVER be a "kept woman" who just shops and goes to the gym...I believe we all have gifts and should use them for the benefit of others.
  • View author's info Posted on Apr 19, 2013 at 07:37 PM

    No, not everyone is here to find a rich man. I am here to find an educated man. I have a six figure income and I do not need anyone to support me. And to you ladies who want the money so badly: why don't you earn it yourself. It is a lot easier to make the money than to marry it. Has it ever occured to you that most men in here are only interested in having sex with you and have no intention of ever marrying you. So if it is the money you want and not the man go make your own money.
  • View author's info Posted on Dec 17, 2012 at 01:37 AM

    I'm brave, but I will try not to be long-winded. I want to marry a wealthy man because I can see myself building a life of travel, fun, life experiences and philanthropy with the right individual. Money gives you power and with the right man, I believe it would give US the power to have fun and create change. 

    I grew up in upstate ny, I come from a very poor family, grew up in the projects etc. I went to Harvard College and now go to Harvard Law School. One day I am sure I will be wealthy in my own right, and it is so important for me to have a mate who is just as driven and passionate about providing stability AND making a difference for whatever cause he is passionate about. 

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  • View author's info Posted on Dec 10, 2012 at 10:55 PM

    I am brave and have had to be brave all by myself so maybe the question should be (at least for me), Why get married to anyone...ever?

    I only discovered some explanation of what a marriage should be and loved what it said. It explains that a marriage is a Covenant.  I will include a link to it. Hopefully it will not be deleted by this site's staff.

    I think I may get married if I know the world is ending, or just do that type of marriage in the movie "Cold Mountain" where the couple just says 3 times "I'll marry you" and they're married. If you want to get divorced, I think you would say, "I'll divorce you" 3 times and you're divorced. Can it be any more simple? I like the simple way best. I do love LOVE, the concept of marriage is wonderful, reality though isn't always what it should be though.  I refuse to be cynical about love, it can happen. What do you have without love at the end of the day?  Nothing.

    I'm sure some of you will cringe at the following explanation but it was an eye-opener for me when I read it the first time. Few in today's world have this covenant in it's entirety. An excerpt from this link;

    This statement by Paul shows us why the Lord will not bless a man who mistreats his wife. Every woman is designed to be a gift to some man. But she is ultimately a gift from the Lord. The gift is to be cherished, loved, and cared for. This is covenant. Two lives become one. And while it seems we are putting the greater responsibility on the man, this is because he has the greater responsibility. God designed the woman to be weaker in some things, so that she could fit the marriage in her proper role.

    To take this a step further, can the marriage covenant be considered a blood covenant? After all, there are various covenants given throughout the Bible, and not all of them are blood covenants. Again we see the mystical side of marriage. God gave the woman a hymen that was designed to be broken in the first act of intercourse. In the breaking of the hymen there is the letting of blood. Thus the Lord built into marriage the blood covenant.

    Surely this ideal has been set aside today, and even mocked. But it should go without saying, that the man and woman who will keep themselves sexually pure before marriage, are able to bring into their marriage something to be treasured. You can only have one 'first time' covenant marriage.
  • View author's info Posted on Oct 19, 2012 at 04:35 PM

    Rich men have their money because they have been lucky. Why we can´t be lucky to share their money?!!!!!
  • View author's info Posted on Jul 10, 2012 at 07:14 PM

    1. WHY marry a rich man?
    ~ First of all, I am looking for long term/marriage. A reciprocal relationship based on respect/trust/passion.
    ~ If I can find a quality man who also has his own wealth, I never have to doubt his intentions towards my wealth. I don't need his money, I need his love. I want him to feel the same way.
    2. What is your background?
    ~ I'm the product of a solid East Coast middle-class family with a strong work ethic.  I've got an excellent education and always seek quality over quantity... but always within my means.
    ~ Born in Manhattan, raised in northern New Jersey, summers on Cape Cod or Upper NY state, college in Boston & Spain...
    ~ I'm a stay-at-home when I've got my kids (which is 50% of the time). Otherwise I'm retired... or full time artist... or...
    ~ I wish it were that easy - being rich isn't enough. He also needs to be grounded, live a transparent life, a generous soul and have a reciprocal heart.
    ~ BUT... if he has all those characteristics AND has his own wealth, my hope is that he will have the discretionary time to devote to a relationship (rather than chasing the almighty dollar)... and he'll respect my wealth without coveting it... without being intimidated by a woman with assets (unfortunately I have met many men who wig out when they see my home and connect the dots).
    The bottom line is that I'm looking for my equal. Not a free ride or a man to bankroll my lifestyle...

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  • View author's info Posted on Jun 29, 2012 at 11:03 PM

    This is a great story,  thank you so much for sharing...
  • View author's info Posted on Apr 01, 2012 at 02:58 AM

    To complete the second and third part of your question.I was born in south London and currently live in a small town in the centre of England.
    I am a medical doctor who spent a great deal of my life in gynaecology but i currently practice what you reffer to as family medicine.
    Nice topic though....
  • View author's info Posted on Apr 01, 2012 at 01:32 AM

    I'm as brave and confident as they come.I however am not on this site specifically to meet or indeed marry a rich man.He would probably through me out of a moving car with the kind of gob i've got.
    I would just like to meet a man with enough strenght of character and independence to be called a man.A hard working and focused man who wealth would come to naturally as a result.
    I work flipping hard for my money and would like a man who works harder for his that i can look up to. Answer me this....Is it wrong to think like this?:-)
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 31, 2012 at 12:45 PM

    Quoting NoirPanther:

    I did marry a multi millionaire. Had children and a great life. I divorced him too. Behind the money was a man that had issues and was full of fear.
    I married again to a poor man. I paid for everything. Put him through school. We were in love. Once he got a great paying job, he left.
    I learned that both husbands and I did the best we could do at that time. I wish them all the happiness. I'm on this site because I'm ASSUMING the men have a higher intelligence than average.
    if they do have money, then I'm looking for humble and grateful attitudes.


    @noir,, I bet they are both kicking themselves in the arse now though ! ;)
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 27, 2012 at 10:13 AM


    First let me say I am dying to answer this question. lol. I currently have the opportunity to date an extremely multi-million dollar man that I've been trying to decide if I should or not mainly b/c of his age, not his money (he is 20 years older than me). But, that is usually when the money has been had. So I've read and read forums and all of the ladies raise their hands in disgust saying no, no, no do not marry for money!!!!! (not that that would in any way be the reason I would marry him, I was more looking for an answer to the 20 year difference).....anyhow, this is what I wanted to and how my own experience makes me feel about this topic. However, everyone is different.

    Rule number one before going any further. There are great guys and there are complete ass holes. Please women, no matter how much money the man has, do not marry an ass hole. The money just makes it worse! That being said, there are nice guys and ass holes in all financial categories. I'm just saying, don't marry an ass hole in general. Now, if he is not an ass hole, go, go, go, go for it!!

    For centuries women have been looking for this, wanting this, I mean all the way down to arranged marriages. Only recently has the world been given this notion of "life long love marriages". Love is a chemical reaction that has been proven to not last longer than 24 months. It may turn into a different kind of "love" but that absolute crazy feeling you have for someone at first, is going to fade. So then what is left? ALLLLLLLLL of the other things in life. And A LOT of those other things have to do with money or could use help with money. And that's just the little things, retirement, etc. Not even mentioning the huge luxurious things that can possibly come along with it.

    OK, so I'm from the South so maybe that's where this question is a bit easier for me. Mind you I do live in New York now where everyone, even women it seems, is career CRAZED. The South is very different. Most people don't make their career their priority in life (it's usually family), especially women! I believe women down there you would find more likely to admit that they do want the traditional roles of the household, etc.

    Now to talk a little bigger than just getting yourself out of a job, let's talk RICH!! Seriously, what is not to like? My only stickler is that he has to be a socialite and very well connected as well because I do like the black tie events and the high end parties to go to. I like to get all dressed up! Maybe it's because this is my background. I grew up in the country club scene where everyone (at least seemingly) was rich. It was the best childhood in the world. Your children meet and grow up around influential people in the community, usually end up better educated, have more access to pretty much everything including sports, etc. (no, it's not about spoiling your kids and giving them everything) And you on the other hand have options of nanny's, housekeepers, cooks, which sound spoiling....but have you ever tried to run a house of 3 or 4 little ones alone??? It's a job for 4 people!!

    So, here is the rest of the story and why I am considering it now. After college I packed my things up and took off to New York City as courageous as ever to take on the world!!! Now, it was the best thing I ever did. I've ended up cultured, experienced more than I can explain, and somehow migrated back into this rich scene. However, I have been busting my ass off in the financial world for the last 7 years. And let me tell you, here it is ROUGH. Dog eat dog, male dominant world. (I do understand that most of y'all aren't in careers that extreme) But up until this last year or so I was determined to make it on my own. I believe you just get to an age (me = late twenties) when you start to think about children, houses, etc. and you realize you actually CAN NOT do it all! You need help!! I don't want to be that high powered CEO anymore and it took me a solid 6 months to even allow myself to say that. There are just too many roles in a household for both people to try and do them all. It's better to split them up so that each role can be done correctly.

    As far as why would I be a good match? Because I was raised in it. I know how to shake the hands, I know how to sit at the tables, I know how to cross my legs, I know how to correctly address a wedding invitation, the proper time frames on sending gifts, I know how to throw baby showers/wedding showers, cocktail parties, birthday parties, dinner parties, and would be one hell of a super mom. Class dates class. All those books that try and teach you how to marry rich? Start acting like you are from a rich background. Do everything the rich do, plain and simple.

    There is my story. =)
  • View author's info Posted on Oct 03, 2011 at 03:52 PM

    Why do you want to date or marry a wealthy man?

    Wealthy people seem to know how to enjoy both the simple life but yet love the finer things in life also i.e art gallery opening, cultural events, networking, fundraiser, trips abroad and even just stilling at home with a glass of wine eatting cheese and crackers or listening to a cd. Im more of a business person and at my young age I perfer to be around liked minded people who enjoy the samething i enjoy;

    What is your background?
    Im a been to college, worked for profit, non profit and healthcare industry. Im a medical office specialist.

    Where did you grow up? What do you do for a living? I grew up in the midwest and im an small business ower
  • View author's info Posted on Sep 25, 2011 at 10:09 PM

    Why do you want to date or marry a wealthy man?

    Because he would be very self confident and intelligent and wouldn't try to take advantage of me. I don't make alot of money but I have had men try to take what little I do have.

    What is your background?

    I am a High School graduate. I received a full scholarship to attend Trade School where I received a certificate as a Records Control Clerk. Then I later attended a 2 year College where I am a member of Phi Theta Kappa and I'm on the National Dean's List. I received a certificate in Microcomputer Operations. Currently I am enrolled again in college to receive an Associates Degree in General Education.

    Where did you grow up?

    I was born and raised in Angleton, Texas (where I currently reside). I attended high school and trade school in Louisiana (when I lived with my grandmother for 6 years).

    What do you do for a living?

    Right now I am a substitute teacher but eventually I would like to have my own classroom.


    Only I can make my life better. I am comfortable in my own skin. What a rich man can do for me is offer financial security and emotional stability. I know I may sound like a gold digger but I have been through a lot of bad experiences and I don't want to revisit the past.

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  • View author's info Posted on Aug 20, 2011 at 01:29 AM

    Why do you want to date or marry a wealthy man?

    Well, actually I came on this site hoping to find someone interesting to talk to online. I was hoping to find a friend to talk to. If things went well and we both felt comfortable, then perhaps maybe it could progress to something a bit deeper than online pen-pals.

    What is your background?
    I have am MBA in Accounting and Finance and I am working on my doctorate.

    Where did you grow up?
    My father was in the military. So, my early years were interesting. I grew up in the desert on the White Sands Missle Range and then came to Illinois. I then resided in a suburban village west of the north shore for many years until I turned 19.

    What do you do for a living?
    Currently, I am a student. However, I do work, just not necessarily everyday.


    A rich man will not make my life better. Me making my life better is up to me and having the perseverance to achieve my own goals. I just want to talk to someone that is interesting. I figured regardless of status I would perhaps meet someone who could share some interesting conversation.

    I am just at a point in my life where I am feeling that life is short. I just want to meet a person of substance. I want to meet someone who is positive and full of motivation. I want to met someone who is not afraid to be himself. I want to find a friend I can cheer on to do his best and achieve his goals and I want him to do the same for me.

    I am 36 years old and just look at life so much different than I did when I was younger. Life is just too short and I just want to meet someone who gets that.

    As for finding the man to marry. I have faith he will come. I don't know who he is or when he is coming. But I just want someone who is looking for the same thing I am. That is love, sincerity, companionship and understanding. I don't ask for too much. I just want something real, something deep, something worth my time and when this wonderful man comes into my life...I want to share with him a love worth living for.

    Who could ask for more? I just want to find someone I can give my all to.
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