Newcomer Advice From A MM Has Been Newcomer Introduction

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    It's like this. I'm on here. I'm new. I scared to death of this. Can't believe that i am here. Have no idea what this is all about.  How can people trust totla strangers ? I don't get it. Especially today. This is not the 1950's Console me or someone at least humor me !!
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    To both the ladies that have comment on the whole dating online and there experiences. First of all that is great advise to those of us who are new to this site and online dating. It is tough to meet people as it is, other wise most of us would not be here searching for a possible relationship. Be it, the possibilities of new friends or that next great love. In the times we live in it is scary out here trying to take a chance on some one you have never scene or meet before except via a website. So to hear about the scams and how criminal minded men are out here trying to steel peoples home and scam them for large amounts of money, when all along you are hoping to find love. This is just not right to prey on the emotions of others. This is the biggest reason I have been leery of these type of sites. Although I know first hand through close friends that sometimes great relationships have come about from dating sites. I am still on the fence about all of this website dating. But I guess it wouldn't hurt to check it out. But I will be extra careful for the men that are trying to scam. Again Ladies Thank you again for your honesty and for warnings.
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