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    SIXFEETWTC write:
    ....I believe that we should all pay closer attention to our own matters, not those of others, and especially not those of someone we don't know.

    Gee, isn't this what forums are all about - stating our opinions and buttting into other people's business? It's entertainment and a form a escape too.

    Six, everytime I post I'm paying attention to my own matters whether it's to get something off my chest or to make somebody laugh - even if it's just me. It might rub someone the wrong way but we can have a healthy exchange about it. I respect your opinion too.

    The truth is, I'm actually a nasty impoverished ex-con who sufferes from the diseases of drug and alcohol addictions and ADD. I'm also bipolar and have a very small micropenis incapable of pleasing a woman. I NEED to deride others to make myself feel better about myself and my miserable life. See, it's true, good, and useful!Can't you be sympathetic to that? After all, you don't really know me.
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    Pictorially is a word. LOL. I have met 2 also. They were visiting Phoenix for other reasons and I also had reasons to be in Phoenix so I killed 2 birds with 1 stone and scheduled my trips around when they would be there. I Had dinner with each of them. Both looked like their photos and both were very pleasant and nice ladies. I enjoyed both meetings and would have dinner with either again. I felt like I made a couple of new friends. That in itself is enough to satisfy me...Bill
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    I've met two off this site in the month plus I've been on. Both were as they stated pictorially(is that a word). One I've seen a few times the other last Friday so we'll see, but they were both attractive women with a lot on the ball. So far I'd say this site is a good.
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    It looks like we may be starting to exhaust this topic. It was fun, while it lasted. We have not heard from Candy in several days so maybe she already found what she was looking for. If so, I wish them well. Anybody have an idea for a new topic? How about: people that you met online that you also met in person and how it went? Someone said that this site should be a place to have a little fun while you kill a little time. I sure agree with that. If you don't expect too much here, then you won't be disappointed. Just my thoughts, early on a Tues. morning...Bill
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    Well i thought i would put my 2 cents worth in here for Candy. First off you should never come on a dating site asking for specifics like i have read you will get the wrong attention. You shared with us that you were a manic depressive(Also known as Bipolar for those unaware)There are many people in the world with this problem and lead very normal lives. Depression only has it's symptoms when you do not get the proper help for that. If you are on the right medication no one would ever know so why tell it to a bunch of strangers. If you are having problems with finding continual supplies of a particular drug there are agencies able to help with that free of charge. As you have 3 kids to raise granted it is a hard road but many of us have done it successfully. Your modeling should be you standby job unless you are really good at it. But i presume you are not as you are having financial difficulties. You have quite a few options in this world. But don't use your depression as a crutch. Use it to your benefit and get into something your truly enjoy...................S4U
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    SIXFEETWTC wrote:
    And for those of you who have thrown unnecessary comments her way (you know who you are), don't be so quick to judge. We are all individuals and on this for varying reasons. Worry about your own sh*t before worrying about someone elses.

    I'm sorry,.... in my world, this is pointing a finger.
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    SIXFEETWTC write:
    ... And for those of you who have thrown unnecessary comments her way (you know who you are), don't be so quick to judge. We are all individuals and on this for varying reasons. Worry about your own sh*t before worrying about someone elses.

    ...Someone else on this site once quoted Socrates as stating that man should speak of things that are true, good and useful. I do my utmost best to live my life by that code, amongst others. However, I am human and do slip occasionally, as we all are capable of doing.

    Six, I have yet to read one "necessary" comment in this entire forum. It's entertainment. So anything that might make someone chuckle or think can be "good or useful". But I doubt Socrates, if he were alive, would have spent much time posting here. And he was no millionaire anyway so f*ck him. This girl certainly would have no use for him just like all the other golddiggers.

    I read this girl's profile and I'm not naive. But gee, I'm sure she took your advice and went right out to an employment office or back to school. Your advice is no more likely to help this person than the derision she "probably" deserves. I stuck the "probably" in there in deference to you. I could be wrong but it's unlikely. I think most people would agree that it is inappropriate for people solicit on this site. And if by some chance this girl is genuine and someohow expects help only for the pleasure of her company, she risks a very rude awakening if some man should respond as she hopes. We all know the horror stories.
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    WELLAB613 write:
    Andy---this gal just looks perfect for BobbyB. I'll write her name down and give it to Bobby. I'm sure she won't mind moving to the Bayou if Bobby buys her a Greyhound ticket!!

    LOL, Wellab. Do you think Bobby can afford the Greyhound ticket?
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    Yeah, my reason for being here is to find a man to enjoy and spoil and be spoiled and loved by! You were here, Six, when the sh*t was flying in all directions about gold-diggers! In fact, I remember you were indulging in a little bit of judgementalism yourself during that melee! So why point fingers now?

    I just want to make it clear to the MM men I am very fond of at this time:

    Just because I'm not currently in the $100,000 a year category doesn't mean I wasn't EVER .... and we aren't ALL here to syphon cash out of your bank accounts. That's not to say it wouldn't be appreciated if it were offered, (what idiot would refuse it?) ... but it's not MY mandate. If I don't develop a "heart thing" for you, no amount of capital will change my mind.

    But then, you know that already anyway.

    Peace and love
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    I couldn't agree with you more 5w's. I don't really see it as free rent though; as I don't rent out rooms in my house, so rent is not really a factor. If they weren't here I would not run an ad. to replace them...Bill
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    I have lost over $25,000 from theft when I have left my places unoccupied- $5K last year. Now I have built an apartment at one of my places just for a housesitter, who also helps some with maintenance, etc. Free rent is much cheaper that being ripped off by thieves, and you are also helping someone.

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    wwwww. It is nice to see some one else has had a positive expereience with this sort of thing. I always love a win win situation. I travel a lot too, so I know what you mean by feeling comfortable that your things are secure and your home is protected while you are gone. This lady now has a very good job with a top notch property management company, so she runs the place whether I am home or not. She handles the house keepers, the landscapers, the pool guy and any maintenance that needs to be done. I have to handle the dog groomer myself. LOL. If something breaks, she makes a phone call and somebody is here to fix it in less than an hour and always at a fair price. It sure make my life easier. The place usually looks better when I get home than it did before I left. LOL...Bill
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    What are you here on this site for? Are you a millionaire? Stop being so judgemental
    My profile

    This Forum is used for discussions on various topics and interests. You my dear chose to create a discussion so expect some response from other members. You may not like what you hear however that too does not give you the right to personally email me.
    I merely indicated I could refer you to the best for treatment for your manic depression. If that does not work there is always Lithium. Hopefully you can then feel confident and in control that you can be there for your children.
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    Damsel in distress, seeking knight in shining armour....lol....who are you kidding when you say you are not looking for a free hand. Stop playing the wee poor me card. I can say with confidence being in the medical profession that any person that has been diagnosed with clinical depression does not have the energy the even shower let alone go on a site and create a profile looking for another. You are your own creator with the assistance of family and medical intervention if you so desire. You may be able to pull the wool over many eyes...lol...however I have eyes in the back of my head...lol...if however you would like some referrals for some immediate intervention and need counselling I could refer you to the best.
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    Good for all you hardwroking people out there, you deserve what you work for. I am not however asking for someone to take care of me, only to help me to a point where I can do for myself. I find things a lot more difficult to do than most. I am currently diagnosed as a Manic depressant. I should not be working by doctors orders. However I continue to try. I have been discriminated against in many ways, and it makes it harder for me to get that job that the average hard working man or woman can get. I have built my own website, I am listed with several agencies yet there is limited work for me. If someone could help me find work in my field or even as an administrative professional, I'd be happy to accept. I am far from lazy and work hard to get what I can out of life, while struggling to take care of three children. There is one big difference between me and the average woman out there asking for money. I don't think some of you are trying to be rude. But there are a few of you that need to understand my entire situation before judging me. Everybody's looking for something, me I'm looking for help no matter what form it may come in!
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    billzeke "so I encouraged her to house sit for me"

    I have done the same thing several times and it always worked out good. One time I had a friend my age, her daugther, and the daughters two children. I was gone most of the time, so it worked out prefectly - my house was cared for and my things protected. They had time to save some money for a place of their own by the time I moved out of the state.

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    Candy, I don't think one person who posted in response to you was trying to ridicule you or insult you -- I even noted that in my first post about you. I think it did offend all of us hardworking not-models people who come home exhausted every day, that you expect someone to just give you a handout because you're beautiful and a model. If you do have an education you should be able to find a job anywhere! Having a degree is the key that opens so many opportunities, so you might want to consider an employment agency that would help you find something suited to your degree. People with degrees in my office make upwards of $70-80K a year and regular raises when the prove themselves. That's plenty to live on, even in SoKali, where I am. We're just trying to encourage you to do something proactive, there was no real offense meant.
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    That has been my buddy's experience too. He works for a company that is always hiring. Every once in a while there is a guy with a sign that says will work for food.

    My friend gives him a business card and says I will give you a job if you show up within the next week. So far nobody has shown up for a job offer.
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    Thanks for the kind words Sharp. I am not one to give out cash handouts, but I will help those who I think are truly in need. I go down to the county recorders office almost every week. Across the street there is a park frequented by the homeless and down trodden during the day. Whenever one of them approaches me for money, I will say come on I will buy you a sandwich. The usual reaction to that is disappointment sometimes accompanied by a belligerant remark. Every now and then, the person will say thank you, God bless you and is thrilled to get something to eat from one of the street vendors. Those are the ones that make it worth while and keep me doing it. If I gave money they would just spend it on more booze...Bill
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    Bill, you are a true gentleman, and your saying about the fish is so true. I had written a post asking SpeedDallas if he was willing to step up to the plate. Went back to the forum and saw your post asking him the same and telling of your post here. I thought you were offering her money. I'm glad to see you are offering her good sound advice that may carry her thru a life time. :-)
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