Damsel in distress, seeking knight in shining armour! Dating Wealthy Men / Women

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    Candy many people are on MM because they work and seldom have the time to socialize and treat themselves to recreational time. So when they finally get a chance to go home and crash after a hard day's work, they browse a little on the Internet and meet people who provide photos and information about themselves that you'd never be able to get first time, if you were "out there" looking. So we are here.

    And I'll see your "less fortunate" and raise you a bit more "disadvantaged!" At least you're young and a model. I don't even have THAT going for me. But if I had the nerve to beg for financial assistance on MM, I'd at least agree to a payback arrangement or some sort of trade off to make it worth their while.

    Many wealthy people are benevolent, but for their OWN causes, not just the cause of one girl who wants help and hasn't any reason why they should do it for her. If you offer your services as a cleaner, let's say, THAT would be fair. If you offer your body, THAT would be called something else and you'd get booted off of MM. If you offer nothing, there's a big void question in it waiting to be answered, "What's in it for me?"
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    You know, lots of us women who aren't rich, joke about finding some millionaire to take care of us and all that, but it's A JOKE. It happens so rarely....and I'm not sure what I would do if I didn't work. My lord, the satisfaction I get from my job -- I love that. Besides, I don't play golf.
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    ScrippsRanchMel write:
    Not to pick on the originator of this thread but why are there posters from time-to-time begging for money? Have the youth of our society forgotten the basics of working hard and saving?

    I started working as soon as I could. I saved, got good grades in school, got the corporate job, saved more, invested well and I have achieved wealth.

    I am sorry I cannot contribute. Why is it the less fortunate always have a hand out for money but they refuse to use that hand for hard work?

    Hey there, Melinator! I'm up to my dainty pink, pierced earlobes in less fortune at the moment but I'd be the last one to beg for money from someone here! How cheap and desperate is THAT! I work my B-hind off every day, 18 hours, seven days weekly. The only time I even implied seeking help from anyone here on MM was to su*ck up for some business advice. I'd ask for "brain capital," but NEVER su*ck the cash out of a potential cyber-date's pocket.

    It's a matter of pride.

    OH NO! I've probably burst BoBo's bubble .... the one where I'm a rich heiress with a hot tub!
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    There is something a little strange about this site. I frequently get what I would consider to be scam e-mails from women (who knows if they are really women?) claiming to be from eastern European countries and in need of financial help for one thing or another. It's nice to look at their photos. They are always very hot looking. I guess it is refreshing to be panhandled by someone that is at least on the same continent. LOL. I would offer to help but, I already have one single Mom and her son living with me that I help out quite a bit. One of you guys will have to pick up the slack with these two. LOL.
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    Or.....here's another thought, and I'm not putting you down: get an education. There is financial aid and you will be able to get a great job anywhere you want! The most liberating thing for a woman is independence. I've had men offer to buy me many things, help with my bills, etc. and I tell them the same thing: NO. I can take care of myself! Though at lean times I've been tempted to take that help, I have never done it, I'm proud to say. The knowledge that I can take care of myself and this year even buy my own home is thrilling to me, especially since I was raised in the times of get-married-he'll-take-care-of-you-forever. HA! What a fairy tale lie that was. Get strong, darlin and take care of yourself.
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    May I suggest something? There is a new invention in the world called working. It's a growing fad amongst people with no money. What transpires is, you wake up in the morning, take shower, get dressed and head to a place where you use your mind, sometimes your hands to create something or help others. The place you would go to in the morning would be called a buisness. You in turn, by providing your services to the buisness would get paid. Getting paid is called, money and normally it is given to you in the form of a check. You have to take that check, sign it and deposit the money into a bank account, usually a checking account if you need to pay bills. You could put it in a savings account but I suspect you will need to be paying bills since you're all alone in the world. Get real honey, have some respect instead of begging your way through life.
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