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    Thanks FOAAngel...I'll make note of that to mention to my girlfriend. Apparently the wedding is happening in Goa over a 4 day period. Wow...great itinerary...massage then pool every morning! :-))
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    You are so lucky to be going to Mumbai! You must go to "Fashion Street" it's a cluster of little shops on Mahatma Gandhi Road. You will be in heaven :)
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    Bill...FOAA is correct. If you come up through Oliver just a few minutes North of the US border you will be in the Okanogan Valley on hwy 97...keep following it North. Go thru Penticton, but before you get to Kelowna, there is a toll Hwy to Vancouver called the Coquahalla Hwy. It is 4 lanes one way, barely any traffic. Travelling Westbound on this hwy, about 30 min. after you pass the toll gates you'll see signs about camping and picnic areas at the Quintuplet Tunnels. STOP! there. Take about a 30 to 40 minute walk through the tunnels. They are old railway tunnels. Large information signs are located at the beginning and exit of each tunnel. They tell how Engineers in late 1800's climbed to the tops of the mtns, then lowered themselves in baskets to map and mark the route of the the railway would take, as well as, how the chineese built the railway & tunnels using nitroglycerin. Thousands died. It's incredible to see and imagine how it was all done in that kind of mountainous terrain.
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    Hi FOAA. Thanks. It is a pleasure to see someone that is as proud of and knowledgeable about where they live as you. I am staying at a place called The Crest. I hope it is nice. I have to be on the 8/6 ferry, but I could come as early as I want to. I will send you my personal e-mail address,...Bill
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    Wow what a thread!

    Bill, I finally found your comments about your trip.

    Yes, I am here in Prince Rupert, good guess :) If you are going to spend a few days here before heading up on the Alaskan ferry we should definately get together.

    There are alot (did I say alot...there are a few..lol) of interesting things to see and do here.

    Do you like to fish? There are plenty of opportunities here to do some salmon fishing. While there are charter operations here, the best thing to do is to go down to the pub and meet a few of the locals...(we are known for our friendliness here, you'll be amazed!)

    I had some associates in from out of town and he mentioned he would like to do a little fishing...next thing you know there was an offer to be taken out on someones boat.

    We also have a very good museum that showcases the artwork and the history of the aborginal indians from this area which is fascinating, if you are interested in learning about the First Nations of BC.

    I also recommend that you stop in the Okanogan on your way back too. It is a very beautiful area and Lake Louise is absolutely breathtaking!

    Try having a look on the tourism British Columbia website for more information too, they have some good publications.

    I don't subscribe but put my user name in front of AT canada DOTT com and you can get in touch with me there and we can further discuss your travel plans.
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    Yes Wee. I got more than a chuckle out of it. That was very funny. Was it good for you too? LOL...Bill
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    k Gentleman and ladies....lol....have you noticed a post under friends with bunny35 laying there on her bed with at least 8 plus dild0$...lol

    Where is the treasure chest...lol
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    lol....whats funnier is me saying ahhhccchhh hen.....as we spit
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    A most generous offer 5 w's. Will you provide the RVs or will it be a BYORV affair? Put me down as a yes, if it ever gets off the ground...Bill"

    A bring your own RV affair. I could probably handle 80 or so, no hookups, former greenhouse pads. There are also state parks on the nearby lake (Lake Degray) that has RV parking, cabins, hotel, marina, etc. Nice area.
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    NO YOU ARE SWEET....Imagine that with Joeys New York Accent'from friends....lol....I tried although difficult doing that with a Scottish accent
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    lol....and you had a great chuckle?
  • View author's info Posted on May 11, 2005 at 03:55 PM

    Touche, Wee. Is that French? LOL. I read your profile. I don't qualify, only due to age, mind you. LOL. Thanks, I needed a good laugh...Bill
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    Hey Bill.... yes she emailed me....quess she had more nerve then you...why would that be? Come on spill the beans...lol
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    Wow how refreshing it was to read your reply with no hint of anger nor hostility...you are trully a GEM

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    Wee. She e-mailed you? Even I have not gotten up the nerve to do that. LOL. I suppose that does change things a bit as far as my post is concerned. She seems to have provided some entertainment here. The thread she started now has 70+ posts...Bill
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    Jungle cat I agree with you that many african americans had too much hardship but put colour aside as women also through centuries have also experienced hardship. However if you reread what she wrote she is playing the self pity card. She went on to say "Quote"Women of color have to work ten times as hard and sometimes hard to find the very work that white women without any kind of talent whatsoever find in a heart beat". My own Mother would be appalled if she thought this young Lady saw her life more difficult. Without going into the full dynamics my wonderful Mom (god love her)fought against all odds and raised 5 children with no help...never excepted stamps or welfare. I too decided it was up to I to make my life successful. That which I have done. I may not make alot of money however no money can give me this great satisfaction knowing I save lives everyday. The other wonderful part is I did it on my own with no help and put my self through school whilst pregnant. If I can do it and my Mother could any one can. Besides there are more services avail to people these days then our ancesters ever had....and they never complained
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    Billzeke I can say it has upset her enough that she feels compelled to justify her original post and personally emailing me. If she did not care what others feel I would never of heard from her. I am trying not to be judgmental nor form a opinion however she writes many days after the fact. Could it be she is experiencing her manic phase when she does??? food for thought
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    I have noticed that Candy consistently stays on her message and never gets rattled or mad even though many people here have insulted her. Maybe it is her business. Sort of like a telemarketer. People hang-up on them and yell at them all the time, but they just keep calling delivering the same message until they get a bite. It must work as it is a multi billion dollar industry...Bill
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    I could not of said that better Mandalay....BRAVO

    I have attempted in past to be honest yet only stir some feathers unfotunatly in responding. It would be nice though if she exhibited more confidence on her outer and inner beauty and not play the racial card. After all some of the top models globally are not caucasion...such as Trya Bank ect...hey and who was the last winner of America top models...EVA....she was not caucasion. I bet a million bucks these African Americans would be greatly dissapionted in her in subcoming to the stresses of life. After all they worked their tush off to get where they are at.....Maybe she should or better yet work as partners with her husband to succeed after all she is married
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    Oh Candy,

    I apologize to you if any of this may sound offensive but I have to say a few words.

    Instead of us stepping into your shoes, (which, I'm sure there are many individuals here that have already been there), try stepping into ours for a change. Why is it that people who are less fortunate feel it necessary ALL THE TIME to come to us for a handout. Yes, you are looking for a handout. Those of us who have worked very hard and are financially responsible are not banks! The majority of us already give to charities or causes only AFTER we investigate them and we know exactly where our money is going. It's called being responsible. Some of us even volunteer our time for certain causes which is time well spent.

    If you are in fact looking for a job, good luck with that, but I suggest to you that coming onto a dating site and literally begging for money is not the way to advertise yourself as a hard working, willing to learn female. Especially laying on a bed with a glass of wine in your hand. In my opinion, and yes I hire people, I'd say you're a drunk and would never be at work based on that photo. Remember, first impressions last a lifetime. It's not being prejudiced it's being a realist.

    You say you want to get where "we are." What does that mean? You will never get to where I am. Why? Because I have certain skills that vastly differ from yours. What are your skills? What do you bring to the table that would make someone want to hire you? Nobody is going to give you any credence based on your initial post. You also said that "some people only view you as a sex toy." How on earth could that happen? Once again, I digress to the laying on the bed with a glass of wine photo. There's that first impression again.

    You say prejudice is unbecoming of those who consider themselves gentlemen and women, so does begging and offering stories of self pity. Seek help, you owe your children that much!
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