Villa Owners in the British or American Virgin Islands Dating Wealthy Men / Women

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    josephdaniels88 write:
    To GrapesofGoodHope: hmmmm...that was a pretty presumptious comment. I don't need to impress any 'millionairess'. (The ones I have met tend to have emotional issues; especially the trust fund babies.) My query was very pedestrian in nature. I was just doing basic research. I tend not to trust real estate agents faithfully due to a potential self-serving interests that may take precedence over a client's needs.

    To Robec8: thanks for your feedback. Those comments are in line of what my expectations are.

    No problem. Just do what you think is right. visit the places you like. Ask the local people about the area.
    Even knock on a door or two. I did, and found the responses to be great. I met my neighbors asked questions and liked them very much. I know now, if my sister is busy and can't watch out over the property. I can count on my neighbors to help me out.
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    Angyson write:
    There are better places to spend your time. Try Tahiti, Hawaii, Mexico, Rio de Janairo.

    I agree Tahiti would be very cool. I am not big on the other three.
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    GeminiDi write:
    I'd GLADLY house-sit!!! LOL

    Ahh ... my new career!

    I'll add you to the list
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    I have a house on St Croix. I look at it as more of an investment than anything else. I have a family member that has lived on the island for over 10 years, i was told it was a good deal, so i took it. As far as the other islands go. I know that each country has their own rules and regulations. Foreigners are taxed quite a bit on the non US islands. Usually you will find taxes and fee's to be ridiculous. Also if you plan on having guest stay in your place on a foreign island, you will find certain islands require more paperwork than others. Good luck to you
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