Are there a lot of hookers on this site? Dating Wealthy Men / Women Forward to friends

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    GrapesOfGoodHope write:
    Why are you so fixated on this topic? You already posted this question twice on the Forum and on the Blogs as well!
    Of course there are (as everywhere else in the world), so what? Live and let live, is my motto. They do disappear soon enough, though; be it because they got "hooked" up or fed up! Who knows; who cares?

    I totally agree with you GrapesOgH. Why are we so concerned with what the hookers are up to? Why don't we take that time and energy and put it into looking for a good mate (the reason we join sites like this lol).

    PS. I'd hate to miss the perfect mate cause I was too busy being concern about what the oldest profession was up to ;o)
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    LOL so far from that it isn't funny! and conflicts with my own code of ethics as well...why would I want a man anyway that only looking for a one-night, shallow relationship...

    While when I was married some 'costumes' were fun LOL
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