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    Hi, in the past I have only dated black men, mainly because they were around me, and that's what I had been attracted to at the time.  But after College, the things I like and places I go to, brought me to a more diverse crowd.  One day out of nowhere I found myself looking at white men differenctly. It's not that the color of the skin matter but the things we had in commom and the things we talked about had me extremely attracted. as my appetite grew stronger I couldn't run from the fact that I was extremely attracted. I love the diversity in culture and to be honest the contrast of the skin next to mine is ravishing.  I am very scared to approch a white man because it's hard to figure out if he dates black women.  I understand that you like what you like, but, I prefer to avoid the akwardness LOL.  Could anyone tell me how to go about dating outside your race? Also, know that there are very hott black men out there too that I would totally date, so don't bash me for wanting to expand my options to white men as well LOL.

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    i think that was a great answer especially coming from a male point of view.  i couldnt of said it bette:-)

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    Wow, that was very helpful. I guess the real challenge is getting pass my nerves to actually ask a guy out. I think it's easier for men since they usually make the first move.  But, your right, I walked away from a lot of good looking guys because I couldn't bring myself to ask them out.

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    Bailey, I remember being in the same situation as you seem to be in. It was nerve racking for sure. Then one day it dawned on me, a beautiful woman is a beautiful woman regardless of skin color, and basically we are all looking for the same thing. So one day I just went for it. I was talking to a beautiful woman in a local club here, and I said what the heck. I asked her out and she said absolutely Yes ! Thats when it changed. I know this may make it sound simple (but it can be complicated and I'm not a good typer) LOL now I don't see color, I see a beautiful woman,,period.


    I know there are a lot of women out there that won't make the first move by asking a man out. I totally disagree with that view, and I've raised my daughter to go for what they want, but be classy about it. The other day my daughter (she's 20) was telling me about this cute guy in one of her college classes, I said, hey start talking to him. You have something in common your in the same class. Talk to him and then ask him if he would like to go to Starbucks for a Latte and talk some more. (Starbucks is right next to the school). I'll give you this clue about men, if your out some where and a guy is spending time talking to you,, he's usually interested, but might be thinking the same thing as you, but maybe he's unsure about you too. So go for it !!  Your a beautiful young woman,, if this old guy can do it,, you can too.

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