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    Money comes and goes. You should love someone for who they are.--
    People change and love comes and goes as well. Give weight to those factors that you find important, tempered by the likelihood of their longevity.

    --What if your partner gets in an accident--
    I guess they?ll be ugly then. A ridiculously unlikely event to give much weight to when considering why you want your partner.

    --I want him to love me for me, not because of my looks--
    If your insides are good enough, he will. That?s a given. Initially, all we have is looks and your clever text. Get over it.

    -- I know what I want, I will not settle.--
    Would that be the same thing you wanted 5 years go? Will it be the same 5 years from now? To know what you want now is rather irrelevant in the scheme of the big picture.

    Everybody settles. Where they settle needs balance, for there are diminishing returns and there is no higher price one can pay than to miss out on enjoying life.

    -- In the end, all that matters is ?--
    Life is about the journey, and the journey is here and now. All of the past was part of it. Did you miss it? Are you going to keep wasting it? Here, now, today, tomorrow, next week? Do not make the mistake of giving up today and tomorrow for a dream without serious consideration as to the price.

    -- I have to think about my future ?
    If you do something for the future, don?t forget to put a date of when that is, else it will never arrive because now is never the future.

    --If you're not looking for a relationship, don't bother.--
    Personally, I?m seeking a best friend, a family, a commitment, loyalty, someone who is not jealous, and someone to be with in my old age. So all you types that are not best friends, don?t want a family with me, aren?t ready to commit to me, aren?t loyal to me right now, aren?t going to be here when I?m old, or might get jealous, DO NOT WRITE ME. I want a relationship so you must agree to a long term thing before we meet. And you must love my kids as much as I do else DON"T WRITE.

    On another note, I?m seeking a one night stand. So if you think you?re will want to come back a second time, don?t bother. One night stands only. If you come here, you must have sex, it?s a one night stand. In the morning, don?t try to hang, get out. It?s a one night stand. Else don?t contact me. Serious one night standers only and I mean it. If you think you might want 2 nights, DON"T BOTHER WRITING.

    I was kidding for those that are, uh, didn't know that I was kidding.

    --Drug and Disease Free ONLY?
    All diseased people, don?t write me, save it for those that don?t mind diseased people. I put the drug thing on there because I don?t want any crack whores with missing teeth and marks up and down their legs and that have Aids. There are other people that might not mind that stuff but not me.

    I was kidding for those that are, uh, didn't know that I was kidding.

    --I'm alone and lonely--
    Nobody want's me. I can't get anybody. Surely there is someone else equally so alone and lonely and willing to be with pretty much anybody as long as I won't be lonely any more. I wish I had somebody. Everybody needs somebody. I'm soooo lonely (sniffle, sniff). Oh, btw, I've only been alone since this afternoon, and he's probably coming back tonight so make it quick.

    --If you xxxxxxxx, don't bother. DO NOT contact me if xxxxxxxxxx.--

    --I don't care about money.--
    I do, I want only people with money. If you don?t have money, get off this site. If you have money, I want you. Give me money. That's all I care about. You can be old, hairy, ugly, and stink of stench, as long as you have money. How much? I don't know. Let's jsut say lots, enough to make up for the fact that you are you. And do know that if you lose your money, I'm gone. There is no set amount, I'm taking bids. One guy who is a billionaire, he wrote me and wants to build me a mansion and is so good looking and young and smart and sweet. We are getting married next week so don't delay.

    --I don?t care about money?
    Money doesn?t buy dead people back to life and it doesn?t make me young. Oh, and it does not buy happiness. Therefore, I don?t care about money.

    -- I read your whole profile--
    You did? But you are too old for me and do not look like a barbi doll and live in Egypt and have a weight problem and want to know what I'm looking for? Oh. Well never mind that stuff, you are perfect. Don?t worry about it, you don?t need a stupid picture, I know someone that once posted a picture and some guy stalked her. So I understand, it?s the internet and it would make you look desperate, which you obviously are not. No, deodorant free is fine, I like it that way actually. You?re kidding. You drink water a lot too? Cool!

    Shall I book a flight and come see you tomorrow, or should we just plan the wedding now? No, really, because I?m not so shallow as to consider age, weight, looks, your 5 kids, or where you live. What? No, 48A is fine, who wants a twig with big fake breasts. Nothing will stop true love. Yes, I want to commit, I've been looking to commit. Besides, you read my whole profile. I can't even read my whole profile. BTW, do you like sex? Oh, sorry, that's so offensive, I swear I'm not a pervert. I meant do you enjoy making love with your life partner. Wait. Come back love! You said I was cute, you liked my stuff, that's all I need really, we can live off MY money. No, your sick mother will be taken care of too. Of course, I LOVE that you have 5 big slobbering dogs and 2 yapping ankle biters with one named pooh-pooh. Pooh-pooh will be my little baby pooh-pooh in bed at night next to me too. Darn. Must be my pictures. Not a good one in the bunch. I know, I'll post another one, and THIS one will be good I think. And maybe add some more text, I never seem to find a good ending. That had to be partly what happened.

    You see? That's why I'm single.
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  • View author's info posted on Feb 14, 2005 06:47

    I just have to say speaks to something on anoher thread about ganging up...having people removed...truth being used as a cover for nastiness....Saks..I have no quarrel with you...I'm not jealous...I'm de-clawed...I have to say though,you made my point about two things.1}With tactand grace you can tell someone the truth in a way that won't hurt and will more likely be heard because it doesn't cause anger. 2}calling someone a crack pot is simple character asassination.You may think his opinions are bogus...fine...that's your opinion on his opinion.Calling someone a crack pot is attacking someones being...character.Actually,publicly,calling his sanity into question.That is totally out of the realm of anyones anyway.Someone said lately,OMG, a psychiatrist is one who has a Masters in Psychology or Physiology..uh..well...and the perfect reason we have NO business talking about anybodys character,is because a Psychiatrist is a medical doctor..just like a Proctologist..with a more pleasant specialty.What we proclaim as the "Truth"and toss be researched...otherwise it's opinion,pure and simple...As for BFD...good grief...we are bunch of pretty intelligent women....alot of what he does is to get reactions just like he got from you Saks...1 on 1 he's pretty regular guy...well kind of a character....I don't know about the stuff he first hit me with...who knows....all I know is there aren't many people,anywhere,who can hold an intelligent conversation on Quantum Theory,String Theory or Chaos Theory.So,as usual,I read what everyone has to say,then like the very bright woman I am,I go find out for myself.So,thank you for trying to protect us from BFD but he just doesn't scare me...Don't want to marry him..or even date him...he just adds color to my never of these crackpot things he speaks of may...just mind is wide open....
  • View author's info posted on Feb 10, 2005 11:52

    His posts an profile are great reading...but if hes so arrogant to think a compliment was a desperate attempt on my part for him to change his Geographical location, then he needs to get his head out of the dang clouds before it cuts off oxygen to his brain.......Too many Gorgeous, Normal and conversation Inclined guys in the world to settle for an Odd Ball..LOL....Its nice to know someone else besides me could pick through the crap to realize it...LOL.....good Luck on your Search daaalin and have a Wonderful Day!!.....
  • View author's info posted on Feb 09, 2005 14:50

    Saks, I guess the problem I have with you is that you talk down to everyone. What makes you think we haven't read BF's site? SO WHAT if he copied it! I think it was worth repeating. Also, did you notice how SO MANY people got a kick out of it? Many of us have read his site and guess what? We still like him.
  • View author's info posted on Feb 09, 2005 06:25

    I wrote BFdeal once not because I was attracted but because I read some good stuff he wrote....and not even...ya, thanks... I think he is arrogant...that is a big turn off.
  • View author's info posted on Feb 08, 2005 07:10

    Hi BF. I think your photos are wonderful. Even if things are photoshopped. I work in the modeling field, and think that you should do that, if you haven't already. Even some of the magazine covers and catalog models have had corrections made. What's wrong with that? At least we get an idea of the sexy, fun-loving man that you truly are. I can appreciate true photography. Take care, Heidi.
  • View author's info posted on Feb 07, 2005 17:31

    Im sure BFDeal is the Greatest Man on Earth Alive or Dead....I have no doubts about that!!!......But i do have a bit of a problem with a guy, who mistook a compliment I gave him on his posts for "thinking" i wanted him to change his Geographical location near me.......Im certainly capable of complimenting a man without wanting in his britches OR wanting him to move near me....Whatever happened to the ole saying..."Why Thank you Ma'am for the Compliment"?.......I must take the Compliment back and give it to someone who deserves it and can atleast say THANK YOU!!!!!!........Have a Wonderful Day!!!!!!!
  • View author's info posted on Feb 05, 2005 18:07

    FYI: My photos are photoshopped. That means I used Photoshop on them. That's what you are supposed to do with digital photos.

    In the day of the film camera, you had to be careful to cmopose, get the right lighting, and use the right film and camera settings, the right lens, etc.

    In digital photography, much of that is done after the fact with software. Every photo of mine was at a minimum, cropped for composition, gamma / contrast / brightness for lighting adjustment, and if needed, was corrected for color, saturation, shadows, highlights, to remove an ugly background, and even smoothed to eliminate aritifacts and pixelation. On at least one photo, the equivalent of a studio portrait filter was used.

    So? That just shows I'm smart and know how to process photos. I should, as it says on my profile, I do photography. I think after you have seen about 40 pics of me on the net, there isn't much question as to what I look like.

    Did I add teeth? Remove moles? Redden my lips? Increase my muscle size or alter my body parts in any way? Add hair, remove scars, wrinkles, or change my looks? No, I really do look as you see.
  • View author's info posted on Feb 05, 2005 04:27

    BF IS BACK!!!! Your response was, as usual, right on the button and entertaining. In this case the negative comments Saks made had a positive effect. The majority rules, you are one of the good guys.
  • View author's info posted on Feb 04, 2005 22:56

    Lap Dance.
    It has been known to corrupt the finest men, destroy marriages, break up families, tear apart communities, take down powerful politicians, and cause men within the highest ranks of the cloth to falter. It has made countries to go to war while other nations cover their daughters? faces and forbid their education. It has even caused atheists to declare the existence of GOD. The Lap Dance. BFD.

    Teacher to boy: Why did you push her down?

    Boy: Cuz I like her.

    Thanks for noticing. I'm glad you like it.
  • View author's info posted on Feb 04, 2005 20:21

    I'll speak up for BFDeal! I've chatted with him and he's adorable! He's smart and well spoken!

    He's a SWEETIE!!!!
  • View author's info posted on Feb 04, 2005 13:03

    One more thing Saks...I'm an extremely well educated,intelligent woman.So much so,that I made a point to find out about the man behind the "psyco babble"before diagnosing's SOP in theraputic circles...I found,sorry BFD gotta tell,a big old teddy bear with some "different "ideas about things.There have been a couple of attempts at character assasination lately on the Forum.Both of the people I happen to be very fond of...and have taken the time to get to know.As in the last case...many of us have become very fond of BFD and his...umm...unigue world view even if we want to strangle him sometimes....he may be a bit of a character but he's our character and it would be plain old boring around here if we didn't have him to jolt us awake now and again.And,regardless of an opinion on his world view...I have talked to him enough to KNOW there is an extraordinary mind in that...sorry again BFD...big head of his..LOL...luv you BFD sweetums...
  • View author's info posted on Feb 04, 2005 02:57

    Sax your wrong...BFD is a sweetie when you get to know him...Also..just did you reach your diagnosis of Schizoprenia?He adds color,humor and debate to the Forums.By the way,he has an incredible mind...
  • View author's info posted on Jan 26, 2005 12:27

    I say the least
  • View author's info posted on Jan 26, 2005 04:56

    Hey Mr. BFD,
    I'm new to this site and just have to say, reading this post absolutely had me hysterical! So true, and so well described. Tres bien, my friend! Look forward to hearing more of your "angles" on life!
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