Wish Romance Forward to friends

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    ...i would find a nice person with which to talk...

    I have two possible soulmates, and it's a burden, cause i can't be with either of them.
    I'm a loser, and their beauty require resources most people lack... true friends, And unity.

    Love is real, but in this messed up world, God7 has punished us. Most of us...

    Is there a woman around here that just wants to talk?
    i could use one that teaches me how to change from "i" to "us", or "we".

    I don't have much money, but i've discovered that where there's harmony, you don't need much... i survived out of 2 euro's for a week, with no complaints regarding food.
    When we have love and compassion in our hearts, we are te best at cooking, cleaning, and so on.
    What we should want and need, is the harmony that only God can offer us.

    What i would like to find here would be a Soulmate Friend, with which to be perfectly honest...

    Females are the one true miracle that i lack, because of my previous life mistakes.
    Please, no more sexual obsession that just consumes us.

    Let's be friends, before hoes.

    All my life i wanted to marry rich....
    haven't been a saint, since childhood...
    I seek equality with women, because i always gotten along better with this elegant gender..

    there is beauty in each lady...

    Please be my friend.
    My wish is that god would send me the perfect lady friend, 
    I have nothing to offer, other than my love for a person that is willing to create love, next to me, rather than just consume it.

    PS: I have the knowledge to unite all religions, through nature, animals, and people. Where do we start fixing? Us.
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  • View author's info Posted on Aug 22, 2013 at 01:42 AM

    But your english seems quite fine. Very insignificant flaws.


    Truth be told, i would enjoy working for a good girl, that treats me nicely.

    My main interests are not money, but rather experiences.

    And friendships.

    I hate money, cause we loose our lifes chasing after money(monkey).


    I grew tired of it, so we're changing the game.




    Because of money, humanity forgot how to be romantic.



    I started picking up flowers, and gently placing them in front of girls and women i like, on sidewalks, so they receive an anonymous joy.

    Idon't hit on them. It's just the principle of romance.

    Let's heal the world, through Jesus Christ. I don't want to believe he died out of vain.

    Make the world a better place, free of charge.




    Money is a burden. True love isn't.






    So i seek a woman that would activate my romantic side, while paying me minimum wage for help around the house. Like gardening. Or cleaning the pool, washing their cars, and so on.

    Romance, please keep it alive. The children of the world need it.

  • View author's info Posted on Aug 03, 2013 at 05:02 AM

    My wish is to meet woman to take care of me . I'm not a millionaire but I want to be.Im a simply warehouse worker. I want to study on university, learn english properly and have my own business. I want to love woman and have own family.I want to proof to YOU that I can be someone. I know. ..these are only wishes.
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