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    I'm new as of mid-December. I wanted to say "hello" and, of course, ask some questions...:)

    Does everyone have trouble with the email, or is it just me? One day, all of my saved email was wiped out, then the next day no one received the emails that I sent. I was just wondering if this happens very often. How are you supposed to know if someone is ignoring you or if your email (or theirs) didn't go through? :)

    Also, in the "who's viewed me" section... Toward the end of the day the number is usually over 400, then the next day it's around 390. Am I losing It doesn't matter but I found it strange/funny.

    Good luck to everyone out there...


    Ps. I just tried to send this through and it said that my message contained "unwanted words". The word they had highlighted was "a t". lol. I had to put a space between the letters to get it to go through. What's up with THAT??
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    Words they block fi-nd, Di-ck,yyes, att,,fi-ding,wh-ores,har-lot, there are so many when I post on the stock market thread it takes so long to just correct the information I put is terrible for a paying member to put up with this..I think paying members shouldn't even have to put up with basic words like is a disgrace to be a paying member in a way.

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    The e_mail system internal to this site did seem to reset resently. It took me awhile to remember that I actually was getting a copy on my outside account...

    Not sure on the views and the counts changing.

    And the "word choice" thing seems to be funky lately. I could see blocking "a t" if it was used in an "e_mail add_ress", but then again, they don't block the @ symbol. Who runs this site???
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    Hey Hi
    Well not sure can help you there, Not a member with regret! Hey you sound like a fab person, Seeing as I'm a long way from you, Would you like to be Friends! Be Nice to Talk to you, I Have friends From Texas Who now live & work In England, UK.
    They live In the Apartment Below, Nice people.
    Well Happy New Year, Hope you get your letter box Sorted Out! Sure Its Fun, Is why you re Here to have a Laugh or two And meet some great people, Romance and Love well Would like to work on that, Nothing Like it Now Is there?
    Regards n Laters

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