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    Sharp ~ I don't mind the cruise fact this pic is from one of the short cruises I went on...this particular one was a local singles group that got together...we all met up at a hotel the buses picked up us...took us from Central Ca to Long Beach where the ships launch...the buses also took us back home...with such a big group...we got a great deal...$300 for the whole thing. It was 3 nights and 4 days...Ported into Encenada...was alot of fun...just socializing, meeting new people, shopping etc. It wasn't all about eating and drinking. I love to meet new people from all over. Anyhow just my opinion lol
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    Part 2 - while my daughter went off with her friends.
    We did the cruise, because we've done all the islands...after awhile it becomes the same ol' same ol'!!! One island is the same as the next. We wanted a new and different experience that would be fun. I always thought a cruise would bore me and not something I'd do till I was 60+ yrs. I get bored laying around a pool or on the beach, I have to be doing something. I was never bored on this don't judge till you've had experience. Not all cruises are the same...some may be have to shop by itinerary. Now had we not been able to do an excursion at every port, because they can add up in cost, I may have found it boring...but not wanting to be bored...I pick my shore excursions after researching to find which would be the most fun. I'd take another cruise...although not for a few years...unless MM did it. But is was a nice changed from all the tropical resorts which I've been to so many throughout the Caribbean and Pacific. "Try it! Try it! Sam I Am! Try it! You might like green eggs & ham!" lol
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    Part 1 - fun4two - maybe a cruise isn't the best concept as they can be more expensive than a resort. But don't be knocking a cruise till you try it! I was like you, thought it would be boring, because I too am not into gambling or drinking myself into oblivion. This past Jan. I sat across from a travel agent as she told me all the fun things to do on a cruise: well, there is the casino, there is the pool, there is bingo!!! I was sitting across from thinking..."Whoopeee, sounds like a riot...NOT!"
    But another travel agent found me a different cruise...Royal Caribbean, Adventures of the Sea. Our itinerary was first day at sea...worked for us, because we'd just endured 48 hrs of travelling with minimal sleep. We spent a little time by the pool, checked out the ship, did some wall climbing, took Salsa lessons, etc. The day passed by soooo fast! After dinner we took in the evening show...everynight was absolutely excellent entertainment.
    It was just me and my 15 yr old daughter. She hooked up with another girl her age. We sat with her family and another family at dinner, and conversation was lively.
    2nd day we were in Aruba, did two dives, again lively dinner companions & fabulous night show; 3rd day Curacao...two dives, swim with the dolphins, great dinner, great show; 4th day was at sea...we needed that down time to relax we'd been going so much. Slept in, pool, lunch, Swing dance lessons, exercise, chat with people we'd met, before I knew it the day was gone, it was 4 p.m. time for our hair apptmt, then dinner, show, and they had a terrific and fun dance by the pool till 1 a.m.! 5th day St. Martin, went sailing for a day on a catamaran to an island, 5th day St. Thomas we shopped half a day, did the beach the latter, my daughter had her hair braided, we nearly missed the boat! LOL
    It was truly a blast, and I met some excellent people on board. I'm single...most people were couples...that's who I met and socialized with...they were happy to includ...
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    You know this is never going to happen. Why even talk about it anymore? Everyone has and will spend months talking about it but nothing will get done. My suggestion on the beach is simple. If you book a cruise, getting everyone available for those dates will be difficult. Going to Myrtle Beach or anywhere like that, the hotels would be willing to block out dates even for 2 weeks based on the occupancy. So if some members came down for 3 days, a week, 2 weeks, whatever, there is room available for them. I suggest everyone log onto to see all the activities and things to do before you say yes or no. Youc an also order a 'StayandPlay' catalog. It's about 500 pages of wonderful information on the Grand Strand.
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    Mandalay, Myrtle Beach may be within driving distance for many of you, but some of us have to fly quite a distance. Considering the diversity of people's interests, there would have to be alot to do around Myrtle Beach. Having never been there, I can't be a judge of that.
    Butterfly your idea of a cruise is also good. And I believe when booked in a large group, great deals are offered which would benefit many. I never thought I'd want to do a cruiseship until I was well into my 60's or 70's. I thought I'd be bored silly. But I did a cruise a month ago with my 15 yr daughter and we had a blast! Not all cruises would interest me...many I would find myself bored. But choosing the right destination itinerary, and a cruiseship that has alot to would definitely be a blast! It gives you a change of scenery and things to do each day. And if you wanted to do things on your own, you can do that too.
    And you know what's great about the cruiseship! You can eat & drink as much as you want and not have to worry about gaining a pound! The elevators are so slow, if you run the stairs, you can get your quota for daily exercise! :-)
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    My suggestion, Myrtle Beach, SC. Right in the middle of FL and NY. Easy to drive to, lots of stuff to do, great nightlife, fun activities throughout the day. Golfers could golf (men and women), lay at the beach, etc. Just a thought.
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    just puting in my 2 cents, how about a cruise?
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    Sharp...I kinda agree been there on a few occasions...very nice! I just hate the humidity on the East Coast...other than that love it!
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    your right Sharpe1.
    I asked the others that posted on the other thread to post on this thread too. I think the more postive responses we have, the more likely MM is to do it?
    Maybe we should do an email campaign to them too. They never answered my first 2 emails to them?
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    I think we need to merge two sites...this one and the one BBD initiated under the Romance/Friends forum.
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    Thanks 1SG, me too...just give me enough notice so I can take of the details at home!
    Kitteecatt...I don't know...I've been to Disney World in know what they say here? Go to DLand first, because after you've been to DWorld, y ou'll never want to go to DLand again! Not a bad location...lots to do, and would certainly weed out those who had no stomache for the ROLLERCOASTERS!!!!
    I love them!
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    Sharp, you're a sweetheart! I'll go to either coast!
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    Count me in...Sounds like a GREAT idea! It's so difficult to really know a person untill you get that first eye contact. Hey I'm all for the West Coast you guys can have the East Coast men hahahaha I'm thinking somewhere down in Southern California where it's nice and warm...and wouldn't it be fun to have a MM Disneyland trip?
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    Sharp is right, more people in the east than in the west, although I would go west if required. Count me in if it goes ahead ... I can help too .... my background is helping in coordinating high-profile events across Canada. I'm a great team player and I have the time.

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    Hell No!!!! The East is more populated than the West!!! Most guys I'm interested live in either FL, NC, GA or NYC...I'd never get to meet 1SouthernGentlemen...don't be selfish now!!! lol
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    Great idea! I'm all for it. Maybe one in the East and one in the West... like it was suggested... Right on!
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    Now where did Katiegirl go and her great ideas that were here yesterday? No hunny we weren't going to put you to work just need everyone to post who thinks this is a good idea.
    Then maybe the MM gods will help out and start organizing one!
    Let's face it they could make alot of money with something like this, and the merchandise, memberships, etc.
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    Creativity101...your right a sanctioned event would be great...MM might sanction something, but I'm not sure they would organize it. Collection of deposits toward anything on the internet without MM sanctioning it might be very difficult...the trust would you swing it?
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    My vote is an unqualified "Yes!". I also think that somewhere that is easy to get to, is known for hosting events, and offers lots of activities would be best. Sign me up!
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    Hiya all! I think a conference is a great idea I would love to meet everyone and I don't know about the jellow thing but we can have some music and dancing and have lots of let's gof ro it.
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