Why are guys visiting me? Romance

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    All joking aside Southern, alot of same sex people look at your profile when you've posted something in the forums, to see what your about, and if your real or not.
    Well that's what I'm choosing to believe anyway! Cause that's what I do......LOL
    And yes everyday, delete a number of same sex profiles without even checking them out. I take it as I said or a mistake.
    But if it makes you feel better I'll click on your profile everyday.
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    Hey 1SG....Don't take it personally daaalin...More women check my profile just about than men.....I think its curiosity more than anything else....seeing what others wrote in their profiles.....Ive only had 2 ask me if i were interested in women...LOL....of course...SO NOT!!....lol...but i was polite......or maybe its because your so dang handsome...hehe....

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    Maybe they are curious of the competition. Women check each others profiles out all the time. We even make friends with each other on here...but I suppose some would interrupt that as being gay. Is there really a Cummings, Georgia???
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    Don't worry about it - I have guys checking my profile all the time.
    Several reasons for it:
    1) Accidentally hitting the profile when in the IM board. I'm guilty of doing it myself from time to time - sorry guys!
    2) Believe it or not, members talk about other members. (smiling) I know a few women who have guy friends on here and ask the guys to check out other guys for/with them.
    3) Guys DO check out the competition. I don't unless someone asks me to view a guys profile, but that's just because I don't worry about what others are doing - plenty of beautiful, intelligent women on MM for all of us!

    Only worry if they start to put you in their favorites folder! ; )
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    Howdy Southern,

    Men are checking you out because you are doing everything RIGHT ... not wrong. You're pleasant, funny as hell, a really nice guy, hot looking ... and the women LOVE YOU, something that many of the men can't say on this site (well many don't have pictures ..... hmmm wonder why, but I'm sure some are scary ..... ) lollll. They could learn from you so don't worry about little biddy details like that ... you're got it made in the shade, the picking is all yours!!!!!!!

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    1SG -
    do you have great legs? How do you look in a dress? (lol just jokin)
    I have a gentleman I write back and forth with who said the exact same thing yesterday to me! He checked his "profile visitors" and was shocked to see so many men?

    Maybe theyre looking for some inspiration in writing a profile!
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