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    Colo, I too think you are very attractive....but what I really like is your open, honest profile. It's really neat, and I can't imagine that you would have any trouble finding a partner.......

    Just wanted to pay a compliment and you most definitely deserve one.

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  • View author's info posted on Mar 31, 2005 17:12

    Colo...i hope u told that gal where to stuff her comment on ur looks...u are one of the best looking men on this site & one of the easiest to talk to. I have enjoyed our emails & only withed i could pull Tx & Colo closer together... u 'HOT' baby..
  • View author's info posted on Mar 29, 2005 11:12

    I am sorry that some of my gender would resort to such low life tactics, can you imagine if you were in a long term relationship with these chaps? however, I had one unsolicitaed comment about my looks from a lady who obviously thought she was very much the authority on men's appearance. I take compliments and unkind comments with the same emotion, it is only an opinion of a single person. they do not know me or their opinion may be considerably worse, lol
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