Fun Date Ideas

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  • babybell36 ( 38 / W / Baltimore, MD )

    Dinner or the park I love swings guess that's my inner child...

  • Chosen21 ( 23 / M / Clifton, NJ )

    Walking and hiking develops the mind mentally and physically while the hard work pays off spiritually

  • wolfhummingbird ( 36 / W / Chesterfield, MO )

    A first date is all about getting to know each other. See if there is that spark and physical connection. Anything that allows us to do that would be ideal. That means no movies, loud clubs or skydiving. Although I hope...  read more >>

  • Jessiz ( 32 / W / Menai Bridge, Wales - Anglesey )

    Let's take hike and find a secret place, a hidden waterfall, let's take a boat out and find an empty beach Or lets have a coffee and talk about life.

  • Dezbosley ( 28 / W / Russells Point, OH )

    For a first date I would say going for a walk and getting to know each other.

  • Shankisa4444 ( 40 / W / Fort Lauderdale, FL )

    Take a walk on the beach going to nice restaurant in listed to music jazz drink wine

  • mjmeek11 ( 47 / M / Grantham, England - Lincolnshire )

    I'd like to walk and talk, before a good meal and good bottle of wine, at a lovely country pub.

  • Alwaysnumbr1 ( 30 / W / Wichita, KS )

    Any place that isnt too loud and allows for daters to be open to each other without being hit on....not unless we go to the BEACH. Then we can swim and touch.

  • Lukejogrant2015 ( 23 / M / Deeside, Wales - Flintshire )

    Would be a nice walk up a moutain side to have a good laff or just to have a nice view to relaxing looking at

  • bussoutt33 ( 35 / M / New Iberia, LA )

    To be honest I like to make it up as I go along and conversate while taking a nice walk leading into where a first date might be..........

  • FrauFeuerstein ( 23 / W / Fulda, Hessen )

    Ich hab erst mal so getan, als ob es nicht interessiert, doch schon beim zweiten traurigen Lied hab ich kapituliert. Ich bin raus unter Leute, hab andere Augen angelacht, bin in Kneipen ertrunken, weil ein Mann das halt...  read more >>

  • Micha89 ( 28 / M / Solingen, Nordrhein-Westfalen )

    Erst ein romantischer Spaziergänge mit anschließendem Picknick oder Abendessen

  • Achimhm ( 48 / M / Hameln, Niedersachsen )

    In Hameln bei einem Spaziergang an der Weser und zum Kaffee irgendwo einkehren

  • Mama2014 ( 26 / W / Berlin, Brandenburg )

    Alles ist gut solange mein Kind mit einbezogen wird

  • Milan2809 ( 54 / M / Potsdam, Brandenburg )

    Ich bin der Läufer und ich laufe für mein Leben gern und ich hoffe eine begeisterten Wanderin zu bekommen!