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  • ASIATIQUE ( 50M / Montreal, QC )


    Actually living in France. Living in Canada Mid-August (Montreal)

  • Aiguadevida ( 32W / Valencia, Valenciana )


    La primera cita es cuando dos personas se miran fijamente a los ojos y sienten esa magia que sólo el amor puede crear, no importa donde ni cuando.

  • PsOfLotus ( 26W / Helsinki, Etela-Suomen Laani )


    I'll take you to a big rock to get a perspective to the place were at. And since you are you and I am me, and we are us, we will talk, be quiet and appreciate. We will cast eachother in eachother and wow at the holy ches  more>>

  • Superstardiva ( 30W / Oslo, Oslo )


    What matters is who you are with, not where or ehat. I like creative, untraditional dates. Like, spend a night at a icehotel in the north, ice bathing, sauna, sleeping on reindeer fur. Nature is important to me. When the  more>>

  • ladyrider2002 ( 54W / Raleigh, NC )


    I'm not looking to date. I want a friend i can talk to, and they to me. Share happy or sad times. Would love to hear about fun and exciting places, or beautiful places you may have traveled to, just a friend!!!!!!

  • Honeybanch ( 36W / Perth, Western Australia )


    Meet for Lunch or dinner in a good quite place where we are able to talk and know more about each other

  • Lovely111111 ( 52W / Eureka Springs, AR )


    What if you decide?... keeping in mind that I enjoy the simple things in life....

  • MauryKid ( 37M / Beverly Hills, CA )


    go to a nice peacefull place to have a good conversation see if . I love making my women feel love respect and care , i like giving attention to my love .

  • dasha10 ( 40W / Saint Paul, MN )


    we will decide, he will know what to do when he sees me

  • AstroMentor30 ( 45M / bangalore, Karnataka )


    cosmic union. feeling of connected from past, present and future in the world.

  • Doeldi ( 56M / Koh Tao, Phuket )


    Live consclously & seice the day...

  • itsreallysimple ( 50M / New York, NY )


    Classic and conservative. A drink...two if the feeling's mutual.

  • Siddartha ( 59M / Iowa City, IA )


    For a first meeting, it could be dinner or tea or a walk on the beach or a stroll through the traveling carnival. It’s the feeling level that’s the most important. It's the magic or the first sense of it.

  • kkkcatrina ( 28W / Iasi, Iasi )


    i love my first date to be at beach.....

  • beautifulfreeme ( 41W / Carbondale, CO )


    Horse back riding in the early morning warming up to a camp stove with black strong coffee !