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Playing sports / Games My favorite date ideas

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  • mommy0811 ( 21 / W / South River, NJ )

    On a first date I'd like to have fun and I'd want the person I'm with to have fun as well so I think bowling would be the perfect date. You can really get down and enjoy yourself so the date won't be all serious and upti  more>>

  • Estee81 ( 34 / W / Redditch, England - Worcestershire )

    A sail around the UK from port to port to ensure that we can cope in normal to me reality. Once docked, a quick shower, minimal make up with a hard earned beer. Then perhaps skiing in the Alps for a few days with some am  more>>

  • alexandria2223 ( 36 / W / Grand Blanc, MI )

    I would like the first date to be light and care free. One that allows me to be myself. Dinner is too stuffy and nerve wrecking. I enjoy being out doors, silky and active. I love laughter. Life is too short to be serious  more>>

  • justcandy4u ( 27 / W / Gulfport, MS )

    I love to shoot pool and go to the movies. Going out to eat is nice but I wouldn't mind doing something new.

  • sexykrizzy786 ( 26 / W / Homestead, FL )

    It really doesnt matter where the first date is going to be,I havent done this in a while Im really trying to find someone real who can love me for me.

  • Nhlanhla01 ( 24 / W / South Africa )

    Mhhh maybe a walk in the woods or cuddling in bed watching movies :) that's my kind of a date

  • TravelingTrader ( 51 / M / Rochester, MI )

    Really just anything that gets us out doing something. Sitting across a table from someone is not as interactive as I like.

  • happyfunpurpose ( 51 / W / Sandy, UT )

    Let's take some runs together. I'm up at Alta Ski Resort quite often. :)

  • Neymarjr ( 18 / M / Skokie, IL )

    Drive around. Go to a nice place to eat then dine and then to my apartment and get to know each other very well

  • Generalbah ( 35 / M / Gambia )

    Very nice to have a fun. But this time I want settle down.

  • me17017 ( 21 / M / Houston, TX )

    Play some sport, have a good day get to know each other more and more. Have some diner together

  • lapaigebeadz214 ( 26 / W / Morrow, GA )

    Something fun play pool basketball restaurant

  • Lacresha26 ( 26 / W / Cincinnati, OH )

    I like to do fun things I'm a very active person in shape

  • hjkhjk2001 ( 52 / W / Honolulu, HI )

    Playing a round of golf. Playing golf is a big part of my life. I'm a leisure player and don't stress over scores. I enjoy the landscape and people I play with a d just being out appreciating the surrounding and weather  more>>

  • Shirell1986 ( 29 / W / Orlando, FL )

    Interesting. Bowling. Outrageous. Outgoing.