First Date Ideas

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  • Beb418 ( 30 / W / Distrito Federal )

    I does not matter where is, what matters is who are you with as long as you are intelligent and know how to start a good conversation, make me laugh and smile the rest of the things are just simple details.

  • uloveangels ( 45 / W / Saint Augustine, FL )

    Bit of a foodie, a nice dinner and conversation would be nice.

  • Florenceanna ( 51 / W / Geneva, Geneve )

    Will depend on our common interests which I hope we will have first discovered by talking with one another.

  • sweet_fun_unique ( 30 / W / New South Wales )

    I want you to show me your world and introduce me to the things you love. If I can't love them too, why bother proceeding? If we have interests in common we already know, let's start with those. I want to see you in acti...  read more >>

  • Silentstallion ( 26 / M / Pasadena, CA )

    My idea of the perfect date is quickly evolving with time. A year ago a perfect date would simply entail a quiet dinner and refreshing conversation with a like minded individual, three months ago it might have been a nig...  read more >>

  • Momo37 ( 38 / W / Atlanta, GA )

    I would like a quiet place somewhere very beautiful where the scenery is Unforgettable somewhere we can communicate. Other understand each other share some laughs some personal feelings some personal experiences I feel t...  read more >>

  • WindowOrAisle_ ( 37 / M / Sydney, New South Wales )

    We fly to Patagonia and get a couple horses. Trusting our steeds, we head out into the perilous mountain trails and, climbing high above the clouds, we dine on fresh seafood with 360-degree views... Or we can just grab c...  read more >>

  • RaisingTheStakes ( 28 / M / New York, NY )

    We'll fly private to a beach in Barcelona. We'll enjoy speed-boating, exotic cocktails, and threaten 3-star restaurants with bad Yelp reviews until they do our bidding. Or, you know, we could just grab a drink at this pl...  read more >>

  • VictoriaNoir ( 25 / W / Atlanta, GA )

    Just make me laugh!

  • RaiseAGlass_ ( 47 / M / Paradise Valley, AZ )

    I'll give you a hint - it involves a plane, tropical white sand beaches, and a gourmet picnic basket, complete with a bottle of vintage wine... Or we could go the more traditional route, and enjoy coffee and conversation...  read more >>

  • Lenchik7 ( 41 / W / White Plains, NY )


  • LandHunter ( 55 / M / Columbus, OH )

    First impressions need to be amazing to hook the interest for continuation. That said, the first meeting should be casual on common ground and may contain a meal or drinks to get to know the other person. Should that fir...  read more >>

  • elisafortise ( 49 / W / Oxnard, CA )

    Would love to go for a helicopter ride to Catalina for dinner. I've never ridden in a helicopter. I'd also love to go for a hike, or kayaking or horse back riding or anything outdoors.

  • Let_Us_Explore ( 41 / W / Carlsbad, CA )

    Open for discussion.

  • Promises2U ( 72 / M / Wyoming, MI )

    First date has to be at the location chosen by you to make sure you feel safe and comfortable being with me.