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  • mlmaddux11 ( 25 / W / Westminster, CO )

    I think anything out of the ordinary is fun! Obviously a nice dinner is appreciated... but things outside the box are more my style.

  • hippielynn ( 30 / W / Honolulu, HI )

    Anything outside that involves clothing. Not a big fan of surfing on a first date, but all else if fair game.

  • victoria2310 ( 22 / W / Moskovskaya Oblast )

    whenever we go and whatever we do we either meet in the neutral country or you fly to Russia, or we don’t meet at all

  • dhs1946 ( 72 / W / Rehoboth Beach, DE )

    Pick me up and surprise me

  • Starseedindigo33 ( 24 / W / Kutztown, PA )

    its all about the person we could be simply sitting on a beach and i could get just as much fulfillment in comparison to someone that has no substance and we are having an expensive dinner

  • MidwestSmiles ( 58 / W / Greenwood, IN )

    Lunch is fine. Meet at a Cafe. I prefer to get to know you. I'm flexible. What do you have in mind?

  • eraserqueen11 ( 46 / W / Boca Raton, FL )

    A fun romantic dinner. Conversation flowing, fine wine and awesome food. Where we can get to know each other on a much deeper level. What are our hearts desire and wants. Lunch and coffee just won't do, it's not a job in...  read more >>

  • KarateAthleteInc ( 57 / M / Buffalo, NY )

    Skinny dipping in a remote tropical lagoon. Gotta admit it beats "coffee"!!

  • JLOALUV ( 42 / W / Potomac, MD )

    i'm open to different ideas of first dates but good food is a must (oh, yes i'm pescatarian) and the setting should be somewhat quiet so no shouting is needed (truth, i am a little hard of hearing!). a stroll on the beac...  read more >>

  • jeff27 ( 50 / M / Saint Petersburg, FL )

    This is a tough one to answer, because a first date idea would depend on who I am spending it with and our mood . It may be a romantic dinner, a concert, a day at a theme park, a walk on the beach, a day out on the boat...  read more >>

  • the_perfect_mix ( 33 / W / Nottingham, England - Nottinghamshire )

    Surprise me. ... so long as you let me know if it's suitable to wear my heels or if I'd be better off in my flats. It's not the place so much as the company. If unsure then somewhere we could have a little walk and talk...  read more >>

  • NatashaLoginova ( 42 / W / Orleans, ON )

    It depends with whom, where and when.

  • Maldives777 ( 37 / W / Houston, TX )

    It can be a walk, a drive, a museum or gallery show or brunch depending on the weather. Getting to know each other, likes and dislikes. We may take a detour and do other things that we find enjoyable depending on how the...  read more >>

  • Kalleyy ( 32 / W / Rome, Lazio )

    Well, a first date: depends on the other person. Could be cool go out for a coffè, or for a pizza, or just to walk on the beach in the sunset. Every person is unique, so every date will be too.

  • rleighmodel ( 33 / W / Overland Park, KS )

    Wow, preferably all of the categories... something out and about, involving nature and/or arts and culture AND who doesn't like food?