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Dates that make a difference

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  • Happygirlintexas ( 42W / Roanoke, TX )


    Something memorable and something new. Not a place that you've taken anyone else.

  • AliceXx ( 29W / Stamford, England - Lincolnshire )


    As much as chatting over drinks is a great way to get to know someone it's not so adventurous , open to ideas / surprises ... Champagne , hot air ballon ....

  • geilh71 ( 35W / Philippines )


    romantic date in a classy restaurant

  • lollee ( 38W / adelaide, South Australia )


    Extreme adventures with a difference. Taking it to the extreme and trying new things.

  • IntuitiveGal ( 43W / Orlando, FL )


    Read the "about me" and "about my match" section of my profile, then surprise me...:-)

  • BbvBarbie ( 38W / Atlanta, GA )


    Let's do something... Not just sit and chat, but something real, snorkel for our supper, build a house for charity, run a 10k in the dark, climb mountain, or volunteer at the boys & girls club... After I'll cook dinner  more>>

  • jauntymexgirl ( 41W / mexico city, Distrito Federal )


    because of the distance I would think a video conference would be a good place to start

  • Jacksolo3mm ( 58W / Fairhope, AL )


    Casual drinks and appetizers very much love waterfront if possible! Old fashion counter drug store for Chocolate sodas and root beer floats!

  • GreatAmerNovel ( 69M / Woodland Hills, CA )


    All things being equal I'd like you to join me for a walk in PV or on R.A.T. Beach. But all things are not equal and far more than venue is the issue of timing - when can we meet changes what shall we do. Let's just talk  more>>

  • Kichri2 ( 44W / Redlands, CA )


    Shopping, holding hands and stealing kisses in the alley between shops ;D

  • Ilsemx ( 26W / DUBAI, UAE, Mexico )


    Dubai, my current home. My Jeep driving off-road into the dessert. I park in a lovely spot where we set up the picnic, and get ready for the sunset to come.We take a walk barefoot to feel the sand and discover how wonder  more>>

  • Cricko ( 57W / San Mateo, CA )


    I'm always trying to come up with fun ideas, so maybe Geo caching or roasting marshmallows by the fire, a scavenger hunt.

  • Downandout2014 ( 35M / Miami Beach, FL )


    Maybe grab a cup of coffee somewhere, or a good workout.

  • MissCatasa ( 31W / Aiken, SC )


    My first date idea would be a nice long walk under a moonlit beach enjoying the company of each other afterwards a candlelit dinner with some nice soothing sultry music playing in the background while we enjoy a glass of  more>>

  • Endleslight ( 50M / Los Angeles, CA )


    Our chemistry level for each other will tell...