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  • coffeechic ( 47W / Brisbane, Queensland )


    Wine, night, a view of the stars

  • annspice ( 50W / London, England - London )


    i would love to have a lovely candle light dinner in a very cozy, and lovely restaurant . talk about each other and learn more about each other...

  • Dlsbornnraised ( 54W / Dallas, TX )


    Sitting outside by a fire pit with steaks on the grill, glass of wine, Latin jazz playing in the back ground, looking out over the ocean, mountains or a beautiful lake in mid Autum... nice!

  • Michelle2290 ( 34W / San Antonio, TX )


    Who doesn't enjoy a good surprise. A little humor...Lunch, Coffee. We should take a cooking class together.. That's a cute idea. Talk, learn a little something, go from there.

  • pollie2001 ( 53W / Hialeah, FL )


    I love a nice romantic casual and relaxed dinner near the Beautiful Florida waters, enjoying a nice Malbec glass of wine, a walk during sundown by the beach and making us laugh.

  • tallbeautysexy ( 34W / London, England - London )


    My first date is anywhere that we really hit it off because that's what really matters...the connection!

  • dlehdleh ( 42W / Coffs Harbour, New South Wales )


    Depends...... A first date. ....maybe something with less pressure....like maybe a picnic at the beach..... Further dates.....I tend to like dinner and a show..... Dream date......who wouldn't like the whole Richard Gere  more>>

  • AmazingWoman4you ( 30W / Sioux Falls, SD )


    Anything that gives us some time to talk. I love a guy that is inventive when it comes to dating!

  • FreeCookies ( 21W / Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen )


    I've always felt a little awkward when it comes to dates. Especially the typical "nice dinner+movie" types. I would much rather go to help out at some animal shelter and make the day a bit more meaningful than selfish ne  more>>

  • hopeful15 ( 67W / Rancho Cordova, CA )


    After making an instant connection, flirts all around, fun glances, stares into each others eyes, over a sunset dinner at the beach. Can't wait to meet you and experience the fun.

  • missilyn ( 30W / Bronx, NY )


    A nice walk won't be bad .followed with good meal.

  • juliahappy ( 30W / Manchester, England - Greater Manchester )


    A walk on the beach would be amazing.. Sunset or ... sunrise ;-)

  • Jamaal15 ( 18M / Nottingham, England - Nottinghamshire )


    I idea of a first date would be something where I can get to know the person better and actually have a laugh so maybe coffee, dancing maybe going on a walk.

  • Alliya21 ( 50W / Gulf Shores, AL )


    It can be very simple and romantic, like walk on the beach, watching sunset together.... Or may be going to the concert or to see a good show... It really does not matter where we will go and what we will do.... What we  more>>

  • Amyk91 ( 22W / Chatham, England - Kent )


    I'm easy going anything from dressing up for a lovely dinner to going rock climbing