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  • hortense ( 24W / Coventry, England - West Midlands )


    Something romantic and amazing

  • northangel2000 ( 54W / Sheffield, England - South Yorkshire )


    forget the candlelit dinner,forget the resturant with that posh name that folk go in just to be seen,lets frolic around and feel young again,take a drive and blast some music,feel the air,maybe go to a fair and enjoy the  more>>

  • alicee2001 ( 19W / Bristol, England - Gloucestershire )


    ... not fussed, happy with anything as long as its entertaining;)

  • silherest1980 ( 34W / Houston, TX )


    Drinks at a nice bar, so we can loosen up, talk and get to know each other. Then we can go dancing a little. I love salsa dancing, slow dancing or just about anything. I love dancing.

  • Jamesneedyou ( 47M / Dallas, TX )


    I am that easy going type,open minded and a good listener and down to earth person, who enjoy the outdoors and very romantic.

  • passion4u2002 ( 39M / Pleasanton, CA )


    Having a nice dinner at a Piano Bar or a nice Lounge.

  • paterfesting7 ( 61M / Germany )


    I love to travel, and love to spend time together

  • haitianadomini ( 19W / Knoxville, TN )


    Im hispanic and i love a man that can move his hips and show me a thing or two on the dance floor. I think of dance as a fun beautiful way to express yourself and relieve stress.a date where we can spend all night showin  more>>

  • German1973 ( 40M / Munchen, Bayern )


    Im flexible, travelling a lot all over the years, happy to see the best places for dance in each city what I visiting. Yo gusta visitor de mejor lugar por bailar en tu ciudad:)

  • persian14 ( 26W / Mexico City, Distrito Federal )


    How about dinning in my favourite restaurant and walking down your favourite street or vice versa?

  • Elden002 ( 36M / Lake Dallas, TX )


    A woman with a great identity she will always be there and will never let you go..... Who always cherish a kids to her heart that is the kind I want

  • Klassykay ( 33W / Lake Mary, FL )


    A fun date is a must. A few drinks to ease the nerves, maybe some dancing. In great company everything is fun!

  • Roamer2 ( 70M / Odessa, TX )


    All sand no beach around here, so dinner followed by dancing. Less classic "interview" and more really getting to know you by touch, smell, and seeing how you move around.

  • sloanhollands ( 44W / melbourne, Victoria )


    Ok something original? Hmmm.. How about I leave a handcrafted card under the windscreen of your car on it contains a riddle! You have to solve it to find out where I am waiting for you..When you get there its a masquerad  more>>

  • Gaz123 ( 26M / Belfast, N.Ireland - County Antrim )


    Go out for dinner Then the movies Go to my crib To have sexy time