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Culinary Adventures

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  • Kira36 ( 36W / Auburn, GA )


    Its not RubyTues, or Fridays! Red Lobster is great after we like eachother enough that boring atmosphere does not matter because you and I are on a different plane, sucking down the unavoidable craving. You show me man o  more>>

  • agility1973 ( 41W / Garland, TX )


    I think an awesome first date would be a cooking class where you learn to cook a gourmet meal and then sit at a candle lit table and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

  • Tifrock ( 35W / Philadelphia, PA )


    I would like my first date to be out in the open, l like to bowl and I like nice candlelight dinners and lunch I love to eat lol.

  • Finkelstein ( 38M / Atlanta, GA )


    To try something that I have not and experience new things with someone.

  • Sapiophile14 ( 24W / Wilmington, DE )


    I love when the man takes control and plans the first date. I can have fun doing nearly anything because I'm a naturally happy person and I'm certain I would enjoy anything he chooses.

  • RLgirl ( 44W / Naples, FL )


    Eating....noshing.... Anything to do with food ! Even cooking it ! I promise though I am thin despite my love for this !

  • PM6992 ( 22W / Marietta, GA )


    Going to a culinary fest and enjoying the interesting foods, the great music and getting to know each other in a fun easy going environment.

  • Keanna2002 ( 27W / Topeka, KS )


    Going anywhere that can be exciting and memorable

  • SassyRed07 ( 33W / Boulder, CO )


    I'm up for lots of different places---surprise me. ;-)

  • AprilAngelina ( 42W / New Orleans, LA )


    Our first date should be somewhere we can talk and get to know one another.

  • Charis2001 ( 45W / Lake Mary, FL )


    I'm open to suggestions. Surprise me!

  • deservebest10 ( 50W / Tampa, FL )


    Laughter, no pressure, not taking ourselves too seriously.

  • romantic33 ( 36W / Frankfort, IL )


    First dates- can't anything be a great first date with the right person? Dinner and conversation, a museum or concert, beach walk, music or art festival....I don't think the event matters as much as the chemistry.

  • FunRealHappy ( 52W / Los Angeles, CA )


    I would like to go someplace that is fun but not too loud so we could talk and get to know each other.

  • macow1215 ( 47W / Fort Myers, FL )


    Meet at a wine tasting or take a cooking class.