Fun Date Ideas

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  • krystina77 ( 26 / W / Towson, MD )

    A walk anywhere!

  • Simboba ( 27 / M / San Diego, CA )

    I believe it is extremely important to know who you're dating before getting to close and personal, so for that reason walking or hiking is my ideal first date.

  • infiniteprojects ( 34 / W / Perth, Western Australia )

    Let's be spontaneous. If you want to be flashy, and pick me up in your plane whilst we skydive out of it, I wouldn't say "no, that is ridiculous, I can't attend", but I may think it is tad intense for a first m...  read more >>

  • kboy123 ( 27 / M / New Zealand )

    just get to know you.... go for a coffe or a long walk by the beach

  • ceciljooste ( 22 / M / South Africa )

    TO be honest I'd prefer my first date should be on the beach to take long walks on the beach and get to know each other while having amazing conversations and having the chance to see the sun go down .

  • chiden ( 31 / M / South Africa )

    Taking a tour, swimming fun, cooking exhibition, sweating fun

  • wingerdrummer ( 25 / M / Spring Valley, NY )

    I love to take a walk on the beach, and after then eat something good, this is a Good chance to speak to each other

  • Wondererlady ( 36 / W / Kennewick, WA )

    My first date ideas, sit in front of him with smile, and be like a feathers in the wind or a floating leaf in a flowing rivers

  • Owllex ( 26 / M / Goleta, CA )

    I would love to go for a walk to one of my favorite local surf breaks in Goleta and have a picnic . A place that I visit often and means alot to me. Then go wine tasting after lunch or to a clippers game!

  • babybell36 ( 38 / W / Baltimore, MD )

    Dinner or the park I love swings guess that's my inner child...

  • Chosen21 ( 22 / M / Clifton, NJ )

    Walking and hiking develops the mind mentally and physically while the hard work pays off spiritually

  • wolfhummingbird ( 36 / W / Chesterfield, MO )

    A first date is all about getting to know each other. See if there is that spark and physical connection. Anything that allows us to do that would be ideal. That means no movies, loud clubs or skydiving. Although I hope...  read more >>

  • Jessiz ( 31 / W / Menai Bridge, Wales - Anglesey )

    Let's take hike and find a secret place, a hidden waterfall, let's take a boat out and find an empty beach Or lets have a coffee and talk about life.

  • Dezbosley ( 28 / W / Russells Point, OH )

    For a first date I would say going for a walk and getting to know each other.

  • Shankisa4444 ( 40 / W / Fort Lauderdale, FL )

    Take a walk on the beach going to nice restaurant in listed to music jazz drink wine