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  • uktopmodel2015 ( 36W / Burton-on-Trent, England - Staffordshire )


    maybe be nice to have a meal together and a walk round some beautiful place to talk and know each other better

  • abdi1234 ( 35M / Lexington, NE )


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  • MemphisGirl2000 ( 49W / Arlington, TN )


    Outdoor cafes are my favorite place for a light lunch, a glass of fine Riesling, and people watching! What's your favorite lunch date?

  • Alexisgrey ( 35W / Ashland, PA )


    Just a casual meet up for coffee or wine.

  • JadaMM ( 23W / Knoxville, TN )


    Horseback riding, skiing, zip lining, something out of the norm

  • TransGirl89 ( 26W / Leicester, England - Leicestershire )


    Casual lunch is the best to get to know each other. Then when meeting for a romantic dinner and dress to the nines you will feel more at ease and not nervous.

  • EilidhMarina ( 20W / Thurso, Scotland - Caithness )


    Something simple. Nothing extravagant. On a first date I do not expect to be spoilt. I would like you to be able to interest me and make me laugh and smile without the fancy restaurant and the flowers and goodness knows  more>>

  • Niya28 ( 29W / Harrisburg, PA )


    My first date nice conversation nice outing enjoying lunch in a nice restaurant. Talking getting to know each other spending time. Enjoy a nice walk hold hands and talk.

  • Bonita92 ( 22W / Mayo, SC )


    I'm up for almost anything on the first date it could be lunch or something adventurous.

  • happytee ( 22W / Mesa, AZ )


    I would like to go on a simple lunch nothing fancy. Just time spent together is the true value in getting to know someone.

  • Gainsborow ( 41M / Boca Raton, FL )


    Hello mademoiselle ! I don't create fake storys, ask anybody else for that. For me, it's never goes as planned ! Great life is outside, with people, even in the street... Let's a chance to a reel meeting, I real believe  more>>

  • LittleLady111 ( 36W / Palm Harbor, FL )


    First date is typically more of a way to see if there is a connection or not, so coffee, lunch or maybe a drink is usually best.

  • nicarla ( 35W / Fort Lauderdale, FL )


    I am not very hard to.please... I enjoy sea food so a lunch or dinner date is fine.

  • SThomp22 ( 22W / Philadelphia, PA )


    A nice romantic beach front, candles lit everywhere. Personal chef, cool breeze rose petals on the table, nice bottle of wine and lovely music pkayong

  • Ladyrly ( 60W / Onset, MA )


    First date casual maybe lunch or something simple coffee a quick drink or casual conversation to see if maybe we are interested in a real date