Fun Date Ideas

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  • Butterflykiss47 ( 48 / W / Greenville, SC )

    Meet for lunch , have a nice conversation, get to know each other , see if there's a connection

  • Englishtulip ( 49 / W / Isle of Man )

    A simple Quiet lunch, to talk and of course listen.. friendship and compatibility are important.

  • Hockey123 ( 59 / M / Wayne, IL )

    How about a nice lunch downtown Chicago and then we plan what's next.

  • MarieCy ( 37 / W / London, England - London )

    First date in my opinion would be to get to know a little more about you in person.

  • jamgirl1643 ( 23 / W / Kingston, Clarendon )

    something casual in a public place. lunch... in a place not too loud or crowded. thats the first date. if all goes well then for the second date a man needs o be thoughtful and creative..

  • JR2017 ( 66 / M / Travelers Rest, SC )

    We can decide of an acceptable place that is good for both.

  • Blander ( 58 / W / Syosset, NY )

    The first date should be simple and natural. A meet up for lunch should determine if there's to be a second date.

  • Sweattea ( 60 / W / Lewisville, TX )

    Short and sweat

  • Blue12191 ( 25 / M / Charlotte, NC )

    First date i dea habe lunch and have a great time and enjoy ourselves.

  • rawlins123 ( 50 / M / princes town, California )

    sorry about the id pic but it is the only one i have on the pc

  • fun_and_travel ( 69 / M / Sarasota, FL )

    i live near siesta beach number one beach in the united states. so after a late lunch a walk to watch the sunset . prefer first date to learn about each other so quiet talk time is best.

  • Laur2gc ( 53 / W / Towson, MD )

    Would like the idea of getting to know you, light conversation, a easy day on the water enjoying laughs and sunshine.

  • amber41 ( 41 / W / wicklow, Wicklow )

    well lunch or dinner in a nice restaurant or a Chinese dinner in a good Chinese. nice food get to know each other, relax, afterwards maybe go for a nice walk or go dancing.

  • broke1965 ( 52 / M / Dunnigan, CA )

    just to get to know how cheap ass i am

  • mariemarie23 ( 32 / W / cape town, Eastern Cape )

    A nice lunch or dinner. A nice conversation that doesn't get too deep too fast, just to get a feel of how we interract while getting to know a bit about each other. Has to be a lot of laughter. When the conversation goes...  read more >>