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  • Sunday12000 ( 56W / North Bergen, NJ )


    comedy club, getting to know each other.

  • PowerGirlT ( 27W / Manassas, VA )


    Perfect date place will depends on the man I will go with. If with one man it will be a nice quiet dinner with another can be sightseeing or even a workout at the gym...

  • shortcake1224 ( 44W / Millbury, MA )


    something memorable - which could just be the conversation :)

  • TimeToWakeUp ( 59M / Amherst, NH )


    Wherever we go, it's my treat -- even if there is no spark. Can't believe that some guys don't understand this.

  • Forever_Beauty ( 31W / Montclair, NJ )


    I love lounges that allow us a quiet environment to get to know one another over a few cocktails or a bottle of wine. Up for something different and new as well :)

  • cetuck6 ( 23W / Bloomington, IL )


    I'm super laid back so I'm not picky when it comes to things like this. I'm happy with anything from dinner and a movie to bowling or hiking. :)

  • madony12 ( 38W / Miami, FL )


    It's not about what you do… It's about the company!

  • MLTedCPA ( 49W / New Hartford, CT )


    Somewhere I felt safe meeting a stranger...but once I know you, I'd share ideas considerably more elaborate.

  • Lori_jean ( 24W / Albuquerque, NM )


    I want to go somewhere special away from both of our hectic lives... A nice romantic candle light dinner and a intelligent conversation is a must.!

  • ArsAuspex ( 26W / Munich, Bayern )


    Let's go to market together, figure out a dish, then go directly to your place or mine and cook it and watch a film. If the vibe is good, why bother with formalities? I was never any good at that. There are no rules here  more>>

  • showmetheworld90 ( 24W / Atlanta, GA )


    An ideal first date for me could be anything from coffee and good conversation, to bungee jumping by a waterfall, to jet setting across the world. I am spontaneous but also enjoy quiet (or loud) nights in… Truly I appr  more>>

  • Mickey7772000 ( 47W / Pittsburgh, PA )


    A speed boat ride on the ocean then dinner with local fresh fish and champagne... That's really dreamy, but that would be ideal. Maybe a scenic drive...

  • kirsty_28 ( 27W / Newcastle, England - Staffordshire )


    I'm a firm believer on a man picking a first date and then if there is to be a second date maybe choose something together

  • passionforlife25 ( 19W / Portland, OR )


    That's up to the guy to decide. As long as it's within my moral boundaries, I'm game ;) I'm pretty chill/laid-back, so open minded.

  • lucasmttz ( 26M / Beverly Hills, CA )


    When planning a first date, most guys settle for some variation of seeing a film and going for a meal. There’s nothing particularly wrong with this strategy. But who wants to be like most guys? I don't want to be just  more>>