First Date Ideas

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  • Margaretpeterson ( 22 / W / Eau Claire, WI )

    I am pretty much down for anything from Netflix and chill to walking on the beach. I like when guys tale the time to plan it that's super sweet and really gets my attention

  • Tushia ( 32 / W / Happy Valley, OR )

    Something bit different from the usual.🙈 no idea for now

  • bobbybergeron ( 22 / M / Putnam, CT )

    Anything really from a walk on the beach to just eating lunch. An amazing person can make even the most boring of places fun and that how i am

  • Honourableheart ( 58 / M / Sligo, Sligo )

    We can discuss about our date when you contact me Mr serviceman at live dot ie Then we can chat better.....thanks

  • Neek77 ( 37 / M / Newport News, VA )

    Dinner and a movie, and long conversations.

  • Hurielle ( 29 / M / Jamaica )

    I would love for us to get to know each other and then we could meet each other some day along the future! I would love to make a cloudy day become bright and sunny!

  • JMG772002 ( 38 / W / Columbus, OH )

    Something that I will always remember

  • whitetrash29 ( 30 / M / Russells Point, OH )

    Walk on the beach dinner and a movie then sit around a camp fire and watch the stars and set under the moon and talk about our lives and future and present not the past.

  • cjagad ( 35 / M / South Africa )

    No metter where no metter wen as long as we mad its they most inportance thing that can happen 2 us

  • thalethia ( 26 / W / Belgium )

    A nice walk or picknick Boattrip or lunch

  • Selahgirl ( 46 / W / Levittown, PA )

    Surprise me. -nice low lighted restaurant with a carriage ride - a jazz club or harp recital with a stroll through the city afterwards - send flowers to my job (rare flowers, NOT ROSES unless a unique colored rose) with...  read more>>

  • Newyork1006 ( 32 / W / Bronx, NY )

    Id like to go somewhere peaceful beautiful A serene atmosphere be in the outdoors if weather permits and a bottle of wine maybe have a picnic go to a nice lounge ... Theres also few things I wouldn't mind go cart racing...  read more>>

  • Sincere74 ( 42 / M / Harlem, GA )

    I am down for whatever. Anything you want to do

  • Rockyf42 ( 35 / M / Middle River, MD )

    Get to no about u and hope it move towards the best

  • Luvmenow1 ( 38 / M / Eaton, CO )

    Anything nice and peaceful and out of the ordinary.