First Date Ideas

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  • Cherryflavour ( 43 / W / Gold Coast, Queensland )

    Coffee at a cafe near the beach, then if you have me at hello and there is a click then maybe a stroll on the beach

  • Baja525 ( 54 / M / Watsonville, CA )

    Casual meet and greet

  • Firstlastdance4u ( 61 / W / Auburn, IN )

    get to know one another,maybe,go for a walk.

  • Gracele23 ( 35 / W / Beverly Hills, CA )

    Coffee, lunch or dinner, somewhere we can talk to each other and see if there is chemistry. I want to know about you so being open and honest helps us connect.

  • kropka ( 35 / W / Hialeah, FL )

    We can grab a coffee and see if conversation works;). If does we may plan some amazing scenary for the second one;). Does it make sense;)?.

  • Lovesanimalsxoxo ( 64 / W / Rio Rancho, NM )

    Would like to enjoy a cup of coffee and conversation on the first meeting.

  • shadodo76 ( 41 / M / Sydney, New South Wales )

    Something simple that you can get out of quickly if things turn awkward. Coffee or drink is fine to start with and maybe can go for lunch/dinner or a sweet bite if the conversation is interesting and we wish to keep it g...  read more >>

  • smb1966 ( 50 / W / Hexham, England - Northumberland )

    am quite shy at first, but willing to meet people and travel if needs must

  • danaortiz ( 21 / W / Parramatta, New South Wales )

    For a first date I'd like to go for a coffee or lunch (better if it's coffee), and then if it goes well then I'd like a walk in the park or the beach or anywhere else that's really nice

  • brilliantgrace ( 51 / M / Cambridge, ON )

    I believe something casual, no expectations but possibilities

  • davidcalvert ( 54 / M / Sandgate, Queensland )


  • Un4gettable1 ( 39 / W / Durham, NC )

    Lunch or maybe just coffee

  • Donald918 ( 68 / M / Fort Pierce, FL )

    First date would be Starbucks for coffee. If we find ourselves so mesmerized by each other that time seems to stand still and it seems we are the only two people in the room then perhaps dinner and wine later.

  • Mbs2017 ( 45 / W / Parrish, FL )

    Could be coffee, Brunch, Dinner!

  • chrissyboy1952 ( 64 / M / Newcastle, New South Wales )

    Meeting someone for the first time and getting to know them can be a little stressful. An easy cup of coffee and a snack can lighten the situation and if it all goes well then the dinner and some thing more serious and r...  read more >>