First Date Ideas

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  • Loka44 ( 20 / W / Westbury, NY )

    My first date? Something different, exciting and new . Don't need to spend crazy money on me . As long as it's for the Heart, that's all that matters . And that we're having fun.

  • Kayrashale27 ( 28 / W / Marietta, GA )

    Interesting art activities. Definitely not your normal first date.

  • LVictoria0428 ( 23 / W / New Haven, CT )

    A nice date would consist of many laughs and interesting conversations. He would take me to a paint-your-own pottery store and we would paint our vases and plates. Once we were finished we would trade so he could have th...  read more>>

  • Lola_Bunnie ( 26 / W / Tampa, FL )

    Traveling, roller coasters, sky diving, winery, art class, museums, cooking together. Scuba diving, hiking and biking. Pretty much anything goes I love to try anything adventerous or different.

  • Leilus ( 30 / W / Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal )

    No matter the place, the important thing is to be comfortable and have a good time, a square, cinema, museum.

  • karabear592 ( 34 / W / Winter Park, FL )

    I wanna be surprised. I have always been the person who has put the effort in. As long as I see that there was a lot of though and effort put in to it, I am happy. I am so simple and so laid back. It doesn't take much to...  read more>>

  • impulsivepassion ( 19 / W / Palatine, IL )

    On a first date, I think it would be fun to go to a pottery place, we each pick out something to paint, and paint away. Afterwards, we go out and eat some dessert!

  • mstisha36 ( 38 / W / Peoria, IL )

    Walk threw a Art Gallery and look at the beautiful art work from the heart and the mind of the unique artist who painted, drawn, or sculptured the great art work.

  • Jotaka ( 37 / W / Washington, DC )

    While I would love dinner and movie-- I enjoy dates that create memories and stimulate conversation. Perhaps wine and art and ending the night at a lounge with great music.

  • Noworries2015 ( 38 / W / Summerville, SC )

    I think a interesting first date would be painting and wine events. It would be nice to be creative and interacting. I myself am not an artist but this what would make in enjoyable and fun. After a nice dinner overlookin...  read more>>

  • funpecan2 ( 54 / W / Sanford, FL )

    I will love to have fun on a first date, meeting someone for the first time is very stressful, so I will enjoy an environment where we could relax, have good conversation while exploring to create something out of the or...  read more>>

  • Nevaeh82 ( 33 / W / Atlanta, GA )

    Being as though I'm in my last year in culinary arts school I would love to do something creative like an art class or painting class

  • indubisabstine ( 23 / W / Palermo, Sicilia )

    I guess my ideal date would be to visit a place I haven't yet been to. Somewhere interesting, new, creative.

  • Deanderthal ( 37 / W / Austin, TX )

    BYOB and painting....what could go wrong?! They teach you step by step and its relaxed and great for talking and flexing your artistic muscles.

  • Syna45 ( 47 / W / Taunton, England - Somerset )

    I do not mind as love anything .