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Walking or Hiking

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  • mellisajohnson ( 41W / East York, ON )


    Just a walk in the park just to really talk and get acquainted

  • SweetPea1111 ( 48W / Danville, CA )


    I think it is nice to walk/hike and just get to know each other and see if there is any chemistry. If things go well and both feel comfortable, a meal at a nice, but quiet restaurant would follow. If we both have that fe  more>>

  • NiceGuyRobert ( 22M / Oklahoma City, OK )


    A nice relaxing walk around a lake, and watch the sun set.

  • Jamesica ( 35W / Indianapolis, IN )


    My first date would be we meet anywhere that has a walking trail. I believe in healthy lifestyle and I would like to meet someone who has same interest and love the outdoors. The trail can be anywhere, just outside and e  more>>

  • Phillip2021 ( 46M / Fort Worth, TX )


    Not too concerned about where or when. Prefer quite place so I can hear what my date has to say. More fun later if things click

  • elanity ( 48W / Monroe, NC )


    A walk in the woods. The mall. EFFIN WALMART! Walk and talk. Works for me!!

  • PrettyswnmGirl ( 44W / Hillsboro, NM )


    Picknick, horseback riding, hiking....cooking

  • elizabeth672000 ( 48W / Akron, OH )


    Hiking would be best - being able to communicate with each other withouth thinking of looks.

  • Alethea222000 ( 30W / Carlsbad, CA )


    Something fun, outdoorsy, adventurous, and/or out of the norm!

  • Mylimojo ( 31W / Vilnius, Vilnius )


    I think in a first date is important to talk with partner, to see his eyes and to feel his personality. So should be safe, quiet place.

  • ladysmiley ( 25W / Rancho Cucamonga, CA )


    Walking while drinking smoothies ☺️

  • Shairyne ( 30W / Shanghai, Shanghai )


    Shall we have a picnic after our walk?

  • Trina370 ( 27W / Austin, TX )


    I love to take walks so a nice long walk on a trail would be wonderful followed by some drinks

  • DreamGirl62 ( 53W / Miami, FL )


    I love dates where we can be relaxed, take a walk on the beach or go for a hike. After potentially a glass of wine or lunch/dinner.

  • smilingbrowneyes ( 66W / The Villages, FL )


    add a picnic lunch! Enjoy nature while we learn about each other.