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Walking or Hiking My favorite date ideas

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  • babylisa31 ( 31W / Kirkcaldy, Scotland - Fife )


    I think a nice date would be to go for a nice meal and drink then later have a nice walk along the beach or a courtyroad and find somewhere we can sit and watch the sun go down

  • chante27 ( 27W / Bournemouth, England - Hampshire )


    I would be up for anything but I Love walking along the beach, it is so beautiful and therapeutic! Plenty of time to talk and get to know each other too!

  • BlueeyesforU57 ( 57M / Madison, NJ )


    A long walk on the beaçh we arrive at the beach bar and sit and talk for we agree on many of today's issues. Having a great time and a few cocktails we call it a night. Back at your place we agree on a future date. We i  more>>

  • nopantieson78 ( 36W / Shreveport, LA )


    To find a big tree grab a blanket spread it out on the ground and have a picnic... take a long walk are ride bicycle in the park.. and have a good talk about life and goals

  • tabithatilda ( 29W / Oroville, CA )


    Go fishing and take walks I'm up fpr anything wether its sitting at home watching a movie or going to a bar

  • lmball ( 35W / Simpsonville, SC )


    Nothing fancy! I like to be outdoors.

  • MarissaRose ( 22W / Hanmer, ON )


    I love going for a nice scenic walk, or a dinner date. All depends on time and date

  • Lillitu ( 26W / Denver, CO )


    I enjoy marijuana both medically and recreationally. Hiking is fun. I enjoy finding new places to enjoy my herb :)

  • GyvanD ( 22M / Casselberry, FL )


    I'd love to go hiking but sadly Florida is flat. Let's go dancing instead

  • Ramesh11 ( 20M / Vancouver, BC )


    my first date should be walking on beach......harmony place where we can talk with heart

  • sandra11986 ( 35W / Skokie, IL )


    A walk by the beach talk to get to know each other a little

  • Megan1993 ( 22W / Sunderland, England - Tyne and Wear )


    My first date I'd would love to go for a romantic walk across the beach and have some dinner.i would also love to hick as I'm a out going person x

  • danielsamanya ( 20M / Spain )


    I want her here in India and want spent some time with her by walking around this place. we will visit here

  • sweetpamela2012 ( 39W / Manchester, England - Greater Manchester )


    U choose could me for a coffee cinema or summat daring

  • sweet_mele ( 32W / San Francisco, CA )


    For a first date, a dinner followed by a walk that you never want to end would be amazing....just roaming and rambling on together, or feeling just right in silence, stopping at a bench, smiling and laughing together, pe  more>>