First Date Ideas

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  • AlClarke ( 25 / M / Gwynn Oak, MD )

    So after we have talk nights on the phone ! My next interest would be going to a nice place to have dinner around the evening. Then watching a movie at the cinema of our interest.

  • amyyroy ( 26 / M / India )

    movies at corner seat , coffee , lunch , dinner and you can add-on

  • Jimgnecco ( 37 / M / El Dorado Hills, CA )

    I imagine my first date being a classic: dinner and a movie. I like how at dinner we can talk and get to know one another mentally and then relax and watch a movie and see if things match up physically.

  • bobby_purity ( 36 / M / Jacksonville, FL )

    That would definitely be at the beach. At a restaurant.

  • AreeClassy ( 25 / W / Collinsville, IL )

    We can go see a movie then go eat while we talk about the movie or get to know each other more And if you don't wanna go to the movies or out to eat we can go to karaoke I'm just making places I think that'll be fun and...  read more >>

  • sudhirraj ( 23 / M / India )

    My first date is a dream type...

  • jessieprivate ( 27 / W / Batavia, OH )

    What's your favorite movie?

  • KingDarius23 ( 21 / M / Washington, DC )

    It wouldn't matter I like to pick your brain no matter where we are

  • RebelYell89 ( 28 / M / Cleveland, TN )

    Start off slow and just get to know each other. Just be ourselves and enjoy a movie and dinner of your choice.

  • chaz39 ( 41 / M / Austin, TX )

    Like to meet for coffee and a movie. Get to know each other and if there is chemistry we go from there.

  • Mluleki ( 26 / M / South Africa )

    Can be at a quote and peace place

  • shacorian23 ( 37 / W / Nacogdoches, TX )

    Dinner so we can talk and get to know one another a little more. Then a movie, a comedy perhaps would be great.

  • Galarcon ( 29 / W / Albuquerque, NM )

    My idea of a nice first date is a lovely candlelight dinner in a nice restaurant, which I don't mind paying for, then after viewing Albuquerque from the crest, if it is summer. In the winter viewing airplanes take off an...  read more >>

  • geeneddy ( 37 / M / South Africa )

    I would like to have a chat, go out for movies just to be bonding together.

  • nsaneone ( 54 / M / Phoenix, AZ )

    A nice lunch or dinner then off to the AMC 14 luxury theater for a movie and some snacks,