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Playing sports / Games My favorite date ideas

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  • Smartblondie45 ( 43 / W / Lexington, KY )

    Looking for something different on a first date. Maybe a game of tennis or golf? I think you can tell a lot about a person especially if you are involved in a competition such as one of the above. Especially if the girl  more>>

  • Whitknee7 ( 29 / W / Saint Louis, MO )

    I think first dates need to be an activity of some sort to help take the edge of nervousness off. Miniature golf or bowling would be great. It gives you something to do and talk about. And there's a sense of competition  more>>

  • Latenightjumper ( 47 / W / London, England - London )

    How about we ping pong then go to a cafe and have lunch. Or maybe we could walk in nature of you like it, or perhaps you like another sport or thing?

  • Smartclassy87 ( 28 / W / Katy, TX )

    Football ... I love watching games. It's my down time and I get to scream without looking crazy

  • Qwertop ( 49 / M / Paignton, England - Devon )

    Why be boring, let's go kayaking down a river, followed by a picnic on the shore if there is no restaurant or pub around. Or horse riding along a beach at sunset.

  • BlondieSmiles ( 27 / W / Liberty, MO )

    Maybe for a first date doing something like mini golf or trying out an out of the way restaurant. Something fun that would let us get to know each other. I'm open for ideas :)

  • Jreynolds5977 ( 35 / W / Bowling Green, KY )

    Basketball game, football game, dinner, ping pong, dancing

  • Goldenasset ( 50 / W / Thousand Oaks, CA )

    Dodge ball with a group of strangers. A beach side restaurant afterwards capitulated with a late evening walk where we get our feet wet in the same

  • Lexi1700 ( 21 / W / Bristol, RI )

    Surfing lessons or going to a sports game!

  • Kickidykeim ( 32 / M / Hewitt, TX )

    Anything out of the ordinary. Dinner and a movie is cliche.

  • Novembersun2015 ( 37 / W / Switzerland )

    Outfoor activity our fancy restaurant with good wine!

  • rxash1 ( 29 / W / Sacramento, CA )

    A first date should be fun and reveal a lot about a person's personality. While we could do something like dinner (which is always nice), we could also do laser tag and see how we work together in a tense situation. Besi  more>>

  • ItsMeSie_ ( 22 / W / Bowling Green, KY )

    Anything honestly other than a movie. How am I to get to know someone in a quiet theater.

  • Katrina2323 ( 35 / W / Philadelphia, PA )

    A walk in the park talking about life

  • Blondelifer ( 41 / W / Phoenix, AZ )

    Jump street! Picnicking in the park, a drink at a local place, playing catch, a good dinner.