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Playing sports / Games My favorite date ideas

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  • TiffanyFox ( 30W / Jonesboro, GA )


    First I would like to get acquainted by playing a game of free throw basket ball, tennis or simply working out in the gym (to break the ice); followed by a long hot shower of course (not together). Then we would get dres  more>>

  • jamaican_cutie ( 22W / Kingston, Saint Andrew )


    I would much rather to be surprised than to specify where I would want to go. As long as its a fun activity that we can both enjoy together and something romantic afterwards.

  • MrGekk0 ( 22M / ...., Nordjylland )


    Everything but a "dinner and a movie" date

  • Zagorskis ( 21M / Hallsberg, Orebro Lan )


    Wouldn't want to write out creative ideas for other people to snatch from me, wouldn't I? :) Have to ask me or let it be a surprise, if you're into that sort of thing.

  • Luvbingme ( 40W / Altamonte Springs, FL )


    An ideal first date would likely be something requiring activity....not that....yet. I am thinking , more along the line of hiking, sightseeing, or even snorkeling. I love the ocean.

  • bay78380 ( 27W / Washington, DC )


    The first thing that came to my mind and well...self-explanatory ...

  • Blue_Venus ( 33W / Sheffield, England - South Yorkshire )


    Surprise me :) I think you should have an idea by now how to make me smile ;)

  • Alvabalva ( 39W / Brentwood, NY )


    See profile: Paintballing, etc.

  • PrettyEnvied ( 19W / Bossier City, LA )


    Some fun activity, sports and having fun really bring out my shy personality (;

  • Flon2000 ( 57W / Greenville, OH )


    I think kayaking is a good first date

  • Kameo111 ( 45W / Tahoe City, CA )


    It is interesting to see someone play golf, when you do not know very much about them.

  • Emilykiss4 ( 20W / Muldrow, OK )


    I like exciting things like sports events, concerts, short trips and boating. I also like a quite dinner and a walk.

  • WBLMNMIFL ( 51M / Marco Island, FL )


    How about a cocktail on the dock and then maybe a ride on the boat?

  • Ojospar2 ( 37W / madrid, Madrid )


    Playing surf or any sport...I think playing is the best way to know people.. It´s like children, laughin and enjoing..Nice and great!

  • Kimberly1530 ( 53W / Carson City, NV )


    My first date preference would most definitely be a round of golf or a football/baseball game. You really get to know ones personality.