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Performing Arts

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  • HoneyNGold ( 26W / Hollywood, FL )


    Maybe go to a play, or a museum, the planetarium....

  • lia0122 ( 35W / Atlanta, GA )


    I love to laugh, and music always makes me happy. I like fun dates. I love to see people "in action", doing what they are passionate about. Ideally we enjoy the same things or are open-minded to discover what the other p  more>>

  • annastasia25 ( 26W / Port-of-spain )


    a play at queens hall then maybe a walk on the board walk in chagaramas talking about us. Goals aspirations,tell jokes just normal date stuff

  • mku086 ( 24W / Los Angeles, CA )


    Since I'd love to get to know you a bit better, I'd love for you to surprise me and show me the type of person you are.

  • IMPeiSaurus ( 32M / Manchester, CT )


    In my opinion would start with a nice opera or musical. Then we would stroll through the park and find a local spot for drinks.

  • Jackietheartnerd ( 20W / Tyler, TX )


    Id love to be taken to a nice dinner and then go see a Ballet or go to a gallery.

  • QueenofArt ( 50W / Pinole, CA )


    Theatre, a gallery, or museum.. Then meeting of the minds over a nice dinner ...

  • JossBee ( 30W / Coeur D Alene, ID )


    I would rather go see a Broadway show or ballet than sit in a movie theater 95% of the time. The only time I like to go to the theater is when the transformer movies come out or anything put out by Marvel. Art shows, poe  more>>

  • doublebassgirl ( 33W / Richmond, TX )


    Live music is always wonderful.

  • phatti2x4 ( 28W / Tampa, FL )


    Would be wonderful to have a great dinner (steak?) and then see a captivating musical performance with great company...

  • nickie84 ( 31W / Crosby, TX )


    Having a quiet romantic dinner then going to the theatre.

  • FunnyLady76 ( 39W / Oklahoma City, OK )


    I think active dates are the best and most comfortable way to meet someone...and by active I mean things like putt putt, gun ranges, or painting...get your mind out of the gutter. I'm a good girl.

  • PeaceNstuff ( 22W / Fort Myers, FL )


    I love walking around downtown, or the boardwalk on the beach. Grab a bite to eat, see a show, and get to know you :)

  • Aligrrl ( 45W / Victoria, BC )


    I thoroughly enjoy the theatre, and would be happy to have an early dinner, followed by an interesting show, followed by drinks afterwards so we can discuss what we've seen... and what we might be inspired to do next!

  • SUCCESSIN2014 ( 42W / Rockwall, TX )


    Downtown Dallas at the amphitheatre with a blanket and bottle of wine with cheese and chololate